Your workplace technology roadmap

To get to the workplace of the future, you have to think ahead about the tools and technologies that you’ll need to invest in to support the future of work.

That’s where this spreadsheet comes into play. This document is intended to be a living roadmap of the tools and technologies that you want to implement over the next few years. Use it to prioritize your needs for the upcoming quarter and log ideas for the future. Revisit the spreadsheet regularly to re-evaluate and refine your roadmap.

Inside you’ll find:

A step-by-step guide to start building your roadmap
An idea log to populate throughout the quarter
Questions to ask when considering new technology

Need inspiration on what to add to your roadmap?

Researching and implementing new technology is no easy task. It takes a clear strategy and a plan to successfully roll out new tools that your team will actually use. But we’re here to help make it easier. Companies around the world rely on Envoy’s technology to keep their workplaces running smoothly and safely, so everyone inside can thrive.

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