Envoy report: Accurate data is core to the survival of the physical workplace

Key findings:

82% of execs rely on workplace data to make space and real estate planning decisions
48% of workplace managers spend one or more days pulling together workplace reports
52% of execs have lacked the data they’ve needed to make a critical workplace decision

As companies continue to grapple with economic uncertainty, the workplace remains ripe for optimization. By understanding exactly what’s happening across locations, employers can pinpoint inefficiencies, reduce operational overhead, and ensure the workplace—and their business—thrives. To do this, they need accurate, unified workplace data.

However, most organizations have a long way to go to optimize their data so they can use it to improve the workplace. A recent survey of workplace leaders and executives shows that although companies trust their data’s accuracy, collecting it is difficult and time-consuming. The complex process should have executives asking: Can we really rely on our current data to drive critical workplace decisions?