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How to prepare and plan for a new future of work

From the early days of the pandemic, most businesses focused on how to return to their offices quickly and safely. But as shelter-in-place orders persisted, the conversation shifted. Should we even return to the office?

As we look toward this uncertain future, workplace leaders must expand the focus of their return-to-office plans. How will you create a new work landscape that helps employees thrive in the short and long term? Use this guide to help you rethink your company strategy as it pertains to this new future of work.

illustration of two people working from the office while video chatting with a colleague who is working from home.

We don’t know what workplaces will look like in 2021. But we do know that work will be less tethered to a physical space. This means that “the workplace” is evolving to be more inclusive of homes, Airbnb’s, and coworking spaces. Technology allows us to connect these spaces together, creating a unified place where we complete our work: the workscape.

Inside you’ll find


5 steps to rethink your company strategy as it pertains to this new future of work


A framework for organizing your future physical and virtual work plans


Tips for sharing and communicating your plans to leadership and employees