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Executive summary

How companies and employees differ over the return-to-office

Even before the pandemic, employer-employee alignment was important for business success. But now it’s more critical than ever. With more companies reopening their workplaces, many employers worry about a mass employee exodus if they mishandle the return. So we wanted to know: when it comes to heading back to the workplace, how aligned are organizations and their people?

To find out, we partnered with Wakefield Research to conduct two surveys, one of employers and one of employees. Take a look at the key survey findings below.

Key findings


79% of executives plan to adopt a hybrid work model. 71% of employees prefer this model.


Technologies that support workplace health and safety are top of mind for both groups.


43% of employers said mentorship is a benefit of working on-site; 26% of employees agree.


Create a workplace experience your employees actually want

Find out where employees and employers disagree about the return-to-office. Be able to make better decisions for your people and keep executives in the know on the latest employee sentiment trends.