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An OSHA-compliant visitor email template

If you run a manufacturing plant, facility, or office, then you are no stranger to OSHA compliance. You may have your employee policies in top-shape, but what about visitors? To help you, we created an OSHA-compliant visitor invite template that you can use at any manufacturing location.


Being compliant in a never-ending minefield of regulations can feel like an impossible task. Heck, it often is an impossible task! After all, there are nearly 300,000 regulations to adhere to–and that figure is only getting bigger.  But what if impossible became possible, and possible became easy? What if there was a way to be compliant and avoid manual admin work and hefty fines? 

Enter your visitor management system. A solution that helps ensure you’re on top of compliance and security–always.

Inside you’ll find:

icon-document-freckle-gem-white-48px 1

An OSHA-compliant invite template to embed into your visitor management system


A guide to customize invite templates in your visitor management system


Step-by-step instructions for creating different visitor types in your dashboard