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“Envoy lets us focus on our guests and create that personal, welcoming experience—which is important when you’re interviewing as much as Asana is.”

—Cristina Gavin, Office Coordinator
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  • Too much time spent on paperwork during check-in
  • Need better way for recruiters to remember candidates
  • Need better way for assistants to greet VIPs
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  • Easy digital sign-in means more personal attention
  • Notifications support seamless interview experience
  • Assistant feature creates great impression for VIPs

Asana’s zen culture starts at the front desk

The team behind Asana, makers of the popular work tracking app for teams, is on a mission to “help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly.” Founded on Buddhist principles of mindfulness, balance, and clarity, these tenets haven’t just produced feelings of well-being, but also heightened productivity and growth: Asana’s recurring revenue has grown 80 percent a year, yielding a $900 million valuation in its Series D funding round. Naturally this growth comes with a lot of visitors, and it’s crucial that they embody their values and provide the “Asana experience” starting at the front desk.

When Office Coordinator Cristina Gavin joined Asana, she saw the way its front desk was managed as being the crucial first touchpoint for the thousands of guests who visit Asana every year—from investors, to press, to candidates. Even before the check-in moment, the actual person makes or breaks the experience and Envoy takes the work out of visitor management so Asana’s team can shine.

“Our reception staff is absolutely essential to how people feel when they come into the office,” she says. “How our guests are treated sets the tone for the rest of their experience at our office. It’s a direct representation of our brand and our culture. Thankfully, we have amazing people who do just this.”

Support a seamless interview process

Asana is putting the $75 million to work by accelerating hiring across the globe and Envoy is proud to help provide a seamless interview process while showcasing its mindful, inclusive culture. For the bulk of applicant tracking and recruiting loops, Asana manages its pipeline inside its own software. But for quick pings on guest arrivals, Asana leverages Envoy’s Slack integration, which automatically lets employees know when their visitors arrive. And with so many interviews, these notifications help busy Asanas catch a break.

“If you’re a recruiter or interviewing heavily, even when you’re deeply familiar with the candidate’s background, it’s understandably easy to forget who you’re about to meet with,” Cristina says. “The Envoy notifications help you to remember people’s names just at the time when you need it the most, keeping everything moving along effortlessly.” Envoy’s assistant notification feature is particularly great for executives, Cristina adds. It allows assistants, who are typically the ones who coordinate external meetings, to greet guests personally to start the process with a great, on-brand experience.

Ease stress for interviewees

Job interviews are a two-way street and showcasing Asana’s culture is critical to attracting the right people to join. With two Best Places to Work awards from Glassdoor, Asana has a lot to offer, but that wasn’t coming across at the front desk. Like any upstart company, guests were previously tracked in paper-and-pen log books. “It put the focus on paperwork, not the person,” says Cristina. Switching to Envoy gave Asana a secure and seamless way to record visitors with a more personal experience.

“It lets us pay attention to our guests instead of worrying whether we, say, spelled their name incorrectly,” Cristina says. “We can focus on creating a welcoming experience, our highest priority, which interview candidates especially appreciate because they’re often nervous. Envoy helps us create a great impression of our company and our internal culture right off the bat!”

Cristina concludes: “Our headcount plans are ambitious and we’re so thankful to have Envoy to help us from the moment people walk in the door.”