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Workplace ticketing: Your handy tool to resolve issues more quickly

Now on the Envoy app, you can make it convenient for your employees to report workplace issues on the go.
Wing Poon
Product Marketer
Workplace ticketing: Your handy tool to resolve issues more quickly

Update: Envoy's workplace ticketing can now integrate with Jira Service Management. Learn more here.Making the workplace run smoothly takes a team effort. On any given day, there’s something to fix in the office. The light in a meeting room might not turn on. The Wi-Fi might go out. The toilet won’t stop flushing. The sliding door gets jammed. The list goes on.To get these workplace issues addressed quickly, your facilities and IT teams need to be aware of them ASAP. That means employees need to have a convenient way to report issues. And, as someone who oversees the workplace, you need an easy and efficient process to facilitate ticket requests.To help you streamline this process, we’re excited to release a new free feature that makes it convenient for your employees to report workplace issues right on their phone: Workplace ticketing.

Introducing workplace ticketing

Now on the Envoy app, your employees can create workplace tickets, or service requests, to notify the appropriate team of workplace issues as they come across them. Instead of spending time opening up their computer and trying to find the right tool for submitting tickets, employees can report an issue with just a few taps on their phone.For employees, creating a workplace ticket has never been easier. Once this feature is enabled, your employees will see a “+” icon on the top right corner of the app’s home screen and an option to “Report an issue.” Tapping there will open up a short form for employees to describe the issue, select its category (ex. “Rooms”, “Hardware”, “Wi-Fi”, etc.), and note the issue’s location and urgency. They can also snap a photo so your facilities or IT teams can see exactly what the problem is.After they submit the form, Envoy automatically routes the ticket to the appropriate team by email so they can follow up directly. Employees can feel confident knowing that their tickets will be addressed quickly.

Create a more efficient workplace for everyone

If you’re already using Envoy Protect for employee scheduling, then enabling the new workplace ticketing feature takes just a few minutes. Plus, everyone in the workplace wins when reporting workplace issues on the go is a breeze. Here are some ways your teams can benefit from workplace ticketing.

Make it easy for employees to report issues on the go

Most employees don’t need to report workplace issues as a part of their daily routine. So when issues do arise, it disrupts their day if they need to spend time to figure out how they should report it: “Who do I report the issue to? What tool am I supposed to use? What details do I include?”Chances are, if this process is too cumbersome, employees just won’t use it. But when these issues go unreported, that creates a poor workplace experience. Envoy’s easy and convenient workplace ticketing feature empowers each employee to take a more active role in creating a better workplace. By being able to report issues right on their phone, employees won’t need to spend time out of their busy schedules to figure out how to file a workplace ticket. It’s now easy to find, even when they’re on the go, in an app they already use each day.

Help facilities and IT teams resolve issues quicker

When employees can report issues easily, they’re more likely to report them. This helps your facilities and IT teams gain more visibility into the workplace as a whole. Plus, seeing the issue with photos makes it clear to them what needs to be fixed. By getting emails about the issues as soon as employees submit a ticket, your facilities and IT teams can respond to them much quicker and earlier–before they create a poor workplace experience for more employees. Ultimately, your facilities and IT teams care about a well-run workplace. With more awareness and faster issue resolution, these teams make the workplace work better.

Workplace leaders have one less tool to roll out

Envoy's workplace ticketing feature isn't just convenient for your employees, it's also a big win for your workplace team as well. Because the ticketing flow is already embedded into Envoy's intuitive app, that means there is one less tool to roll out and train employees on how to use. Even better: you can integrate workplace ticketing with your current service request ticketing system. That way your team can continue to manage tickets using your existing system. When setting workplace ticketing, you have the control of setting up where to route tickets to, based on the issue category via email. For example, you can set all issues under the “Wi-Fi” category to route to your IT team via one email address like IT@yourcompany.com. If your IT department manages tickets using a third-party ticketing system, like ServiceNow, JIRA, or Zendesk, they likely already have a process in place that automatically converts issues that came in as emails into tickets within those tools. Align with your IT and facilities teams as you set up workplace ticketing to make sure you route the issues to the email destinations that are connected with your existing ticketing systems.

Enable workplace ticketing on the Envoy app today

Get workplace ticketing up and running on the Envoy app in less than five minutes–and for free! Just log in to your Envoy dashboard and go to “Employee Settings” under Protect to enable “Workplace ticketing”. Add categories for each type of workplace issue, assign an email destination for each one, and hit “save” to turn on this feature. You can follow step-by-step instructions in this help article. Let your employees know how to submit tickets!After you’ve enabled workplace ticketing, be sure to let your employees know about this new feature on the Envoy app. Use this template to roll out workplace ticketing to your employees.

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Wing Poon
Wing Poon

Wing is a marketer at Envoy, where he spends his days helping teams unlock the benefits of a workplace platform. He is passionate about helping people step into their full potential and hosts a podcast all about igniting and reaching your purpose.

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