Sep 20, 2023
Apr 16, 2024

What’s new in Envoy for Summer 2023

Now live: Data upload for occupancy dashboard, scenario planning and QR code visitor sign-in
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What’s new in Envoy for Summer 2023

In May, we introduced Envoy Workplace: the first integrated solution with all the tools and data you need to run an efficient workplace. Since then, we’ve continued to add new functionality across our solutions for visitor, workplace, and multi-location management.

See how we’re supporting workplace leaders and admins to tackle common challenges around security, resource utilization and modern experiences at work.

Maintain safety, security, and compliance protocols

Create custom admin roles with specific permissions

Make sure each workplace admin has the permissions they need to perform their duties, without granting undue access to any part of the Envoy dashboard. Pick and choose which permissions to grant and deny for each admin role. Learn more. Available on Visitors Enterprise.

An email asking for admin approval of visitor invites before they can be sent

Require admin approval of invites before they can be sent

Accurately anticipate visitor traffic and strengthen security with invite approvals. Choose admins to alert when a visitor is invited. Before each invitation is sent, a designated admin must review and approve the visit details. Learn how. Available on Visitors Enterprise.

Automatically fill sign-in fields with data from scanned visitor IDs

Allow front desk security to verify visitors’ identities faster and more accurately with smarter ID scanning. When a visitor scans their ID, sign-in fields will automatically populate with information pulled from their ID, such as license number and name. Store images of scanned visitor IDs in Envoy as needed to meet compliance requirements. Learn more. Available on Visitors Enterprise.

Understand workplace utilization with data-driven insights

A graphic showing two employees who are automatically checked into the office when using their access control system or connecting to the office Wi-Fi

Track occupancy using WiFi connections

Automatically check in employees when they connect to your WiFi network or badge into the office. Ensure correct attendance data even if employees forget to check in or “tailgate” a coworker’s badge swipe to enter the building. Learn how. Available on Workplace Premium.

Set and measure in-office policies

Save admins the time and effort of manually tracking and reporting on in-office policies. Set onsite attendance targets for the entire company or for each department. Learn more. Available on Workplace Premium.

Share workplace data with stakeholders in several ways

Admins can now share workplace data via PDF or by granting view-only permissions to stakeholders. This lets select individuals view relevant data without granting them undue access to the Envoy admin dashboard. Learn more. Available on Workplace Premium.

Dive into attendance at a more granular level

Ensure that admins and workplace leaders have the data they need to enforce onsite policy targets and to allocate office resources appropriately, such as assigned desks. Learn more. Available on Workplace Premium.

Deliver modern workplace experiences that drive collaboration

Mobile screenshot showing a searchable text field for employees to find specific people, spaces and resources with searchable workplace maps

Find specific people, spaces, and resources with searchable maps

Employees can search for coworkers, meeting rooms, workplace resources, and more directly from the map in Envoy. Make navigating the workplace a breeze for new hires, employees visiting from other offices, or folks that haven’t been onsite in a while. Learn more. Available on Workplace Standard+.

Book desks through Outlook

Employees can schedule and book a desk straight from Outlook. Envoy will even automatically suggest a desk assignment. Learn more.  Available on Workplace Premium.

Empower assistants with delegated scheduling

Assistants can now schedule and book desks on behalf of the executives that they support for one or multiple days. Ensure productive days onsite when assistants can manage the schedules of the people they support. Learn how. Available on Workplace Premium.

Product screenshot of editing the workplace map and saving a draft

Experiment with workplace map drafts

Admins will be able to draft changes to workplace maps, such as new desk assignments, layouts and more, without publishing those changes live for employees. Multiple admins will also be able to work on, review and publish changes to workplace maps. Learn how. Available on Workplace Premium.

Interested in learning more about Envoy and how it can support your company? Contact us!

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Vivian Chau

Vivian is a solutions marketing manager at Envoy, where she helps companies build community-oriented workplaces. Outside the office, she enjoys trying out new restaurants and wandering in bookstores.

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