Nov 14, 2023
Nov 14, 2023

What’s new in Envoy for November 2023

Keep people informed with emergency notifications and leverage attendance data for proactive space management
Vivian Chau
Solutions Marketing Manager
What’s new in Envoy for November 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Envoy now provides emergency notifications for employees and visitors. Envoy provides leaders with everything they need to run their workplace in one integrated platform, and emergency notifications furthers our vision for centralizing workplace safety and security. We’ve also made critical improvements for admins, including space management enhancements with contextual data.

Platform updates

Product screenshots for sending and receiving an emergency notification

Protect employees and visitors with emergency notifications 

Envoy now provides emergency notifications for everyone in your locations, including visitors and employees. Send multi-channel alerts with the ability to communicate via SMS, email, and push notifications to ensure people get critical information. Admins can access sent messages and recipients. They can also send test alerts. Learn more.

Available on Visitors Enterprise and Workplace Premium Plus.

Interested in sending emergency notifications to your employees on our workplace platform? Contact us!

Manage user identities and access rights automatically

Now, with Envoy Workplace and Envoy Visitors, you can easily sync your admin data with Azure Active Directory, Okta, and OneLogin. No more manual updates–everyone stays in the loop with automatic directory syncing.

Available on Visitors Enterprise and Workplace Premium Plus.

Click here to learn about the benefits of centralizing your workplace management.

New improvements for workplace management

View your past and upcoming schedule on mobile

Employees on iOS devices can now see an update in their schedule view in Envoy mobile. See which days you’re scheduled to come in, which days you’ve previously checked in, and which coworkers have scheduled to come onsite. Learn more.

Available on all Workplace plans.

Product screenshot showing attendance data-driven insights when editing the workplace map

Leverage attendance insights for proactive space management

View average attendance data by employee while editing the workplace map. Admins can act on attendance data in the context of optimizing their spaces. For example, Envoy will ask admins if they want to assign desks to employees who come in an average of 3 or more days a week. Learn more.

Available on Workplace Premium.

Interested in these new features? Try out Envoy Workplace for free.

Lobby experience updates

Streamline building access for employees who don't have their badge

Automatically grant secure building access to employees who visit from another site, are permanently remote, or forget their badge at home. Employees can request a 1-day pass at the kiosk, and once authenticated, their temporary digital pass is delivered via text or email. This feature is currently supported by LenelS2 Netbox and C-CURE 9000 access control integrations. Learn more.  

Available for tenants in buildings with Envoy Connect. Interested in Connect for your building? Email us.

Enable unattended visitor reception via static QR code

Securely welcome visitors even at locations with unstaffed reception areas. Guests can simply scan the printed QR code and complete the required sign-in steps on their mobile device. Learn more.

Available on Visitors Premium+ plans.

To experience the full benefits of Envoy’s platform, try out Envoy Visitors also for free.

Or, check out our changelog for a running list of platform updates. 

Want more in depth training? Explore extensive training options with the newly launched Envoy Academy, featuring over 30 video courses tailored for global, location, and front desk Admins! Navigate to academy.envoy.com or jump into your Envoy account directly and Select “Learning Academy” in the bottom left hand corner of your dashboard to enroll in a course.

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Vivian Chau
Vivian Chau

Vivian is a solutions marketing manager at Envoy, where she helps companies build community-oriented workplaces. Outside the office, she enjoys trying out new restaurants and wandering in bookstores.

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