Oct 17, 2023
Nov 9, 2023

What’s new in Envoy for Fall 2023

Now live: Data upload for occupancy dashboard, scenario planning and QR code visitor sign-in
Vivian Chau
Solutions Marketing Manager
What’s new in Envoy for Fall 2023

Envoy brings everything leaders need to run their workplace into one integrated platform. We’re excited to announce new features for our visitor management solution. Plus, learn about the benefits of managing your entire workplace with a comprehensive view of onsite presence for security and space optimization.  

Visitor management updates

Enable unattended visitor reception via static QR code

Securely welcome visitors even at locations with unstaffed reception areas. Guests can simply scan the printed QR code and complete the required sign-in steps on their mobile device.

Learn more. Available on Visitors Premium+ plans.

Invite visitors to multiple building locations

Invite visitors to multiple locations within your campus using a single invitation. With one QR code, approved guests can sign in to every building or facility included in their visit. Provide a seamless multi-building visitor experience without sacrificing security.

Learn more. Available on Visitors Enterprise plans.

Interested in Envoy Visitors? Sign up for a free trial.

Recent releases for lobby management

Automate the lobby check-in experience

Reduce administrative burden when employees forget their badges while entering office buildings that require separate badges for the lobby and your company suite. In buildings equipped with optical QR code readers, employees can confirm their identity and receive a temporary access credential over text or email. Also supported for C-CURE 9000 integrations.

Find out more here. This feature is accessible for buildings on Envoy Connect and tenants using Envoy Workplace.

Require tenant admin approval for walk-in visitors

Keep your workplace secure and stay looped into lobby activity with visitor walk-in visitor approvals. As a tenant admin, you’ll be automatically notified via SMS and email when an unregistered walk-in guest arrives in the lobby to see you. From there, you can approve or deny walk-in visitors in one click.

Learn more. Available for tenants in buildings using Connect.

Curious about Envoy Connect? Contact us.

New improvements for workplace management

Leverage our flexible data uploads for unified attendance insights

Centralize your workplace analytics in Envoy Workplace for easy data visualizations on how RTO and workplace policies are performing over time. In addition to access control and Wi-Fi integrations for occupancy data, admins can build a comprehensive view of onsite presence by uploading historical data via CSV to populate the occupancy dashboard. Our flexible upload accommodates any existing tech infrastructure and business processes by working with any data source—including all access control systems. Delve into attendance trends, dissect data by department, and explore insights across different days of the week.

Learn more. Available on Workplace Premium plans.

Explore options with scenario planning

Admins can create and name multiple drafts to experiment with different workplace layouts, seating assignments and placement of resources. See an overview of all desks, rooms and points of interest when editing the map. Coming this fall, admins will also see improvements to the map editing experience. They’ll be able to reference employees by department or neighborhood, as well as resources like desks or rooms to place while editing the workplace map.

Learn more. Available on Workplace Premium plans.

Try out Envoy Workplace for free, or check out our changelog for a running list of platform updates.

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Vivian Chau
Vivian Chau

Vivian is a solutions marketing manager at Envoy, where she helps companies build community-oriented workplaces. Outside the office, she enjoys trying out new restaurants and wandering in bookstores.

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