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What is a mailroom management system?

One of the significant workplace trends today is evaluating the impact of digitization on mail delivery –– namely the package intake and pick-up process. 

The workplace mailroom, once viewed by many as a place where some of the most mundane-seeming tasks took up large amounts of workers’ time, is now undergoing a dramatic shift with the availability of new mailroom management systems.

The traditional mailroom, where your office manager is busy trying to track down and deliver packages to employees, or is stacking them behind the front desk or the lobby, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The primary reason? Automated, digital mailroom management systems.

In this blog, we detail the pros and cons of the traditional mailroom management system, and how digital options are changing how workplaces manage deliveries. Mailroom functions once viewed as tiresome and time-consuming are being altered by digital mailroom management systems to improve service at the front desk and throughout the workplace.

The time-consuming demands of a traditional mailroom management system 

To be sure, activity levels related to the mailroom remain high, and are even intensifying, as employees are having more and more personal packages delivered to them at work. Handling all these packages can cost your workers scores of hours of time spent a week, when they could be focusing on other duties.

Traditional mailroom management systems focused on manual processes for mail and package intake and delivery, usually with a front desk worker or back office employee receiving and confirming receipt of each item with a signature. From there, the mail or package would be stored –– perhaps in a pile next to the front desk or in a storage room of some kind. Next, these items would be distributed in a variety of methods, such as tracking down employees in the office to personally hand-off a package. While this was a thorough, hands-on process, it took up a significant amount of employees’ time. 

In contrast, digital mailroom delivery management systems are designed to cut the time spent handling packages to a fraction compared to manual deliveries.

Digitization’s automation and ease-of-use transforms the mailroom 

Organizations that opt to utilize a digital mailroom management system can more easily receive packages, record who they are for, notify and remind recipients, and deliver or make sure the packages get picked up from the mailroom or the area where they are stored. Mailroom management systems can also ensure this process is more secure. 

Other mailroom management systems benefits include:

  • Improving package pickup time and mailroom efficiency
  • Maximizing limited space in the office
  • Keeping lobbies and other default areas for companies without dedicated delivery storage less cluttered
  • Easing the responsibility of the office manager to manage who is in the building making deliveries, who is signing for them, and making sure they get to where they need to go
  • Enabling companies with strong security requirements, to require employees to sign for or take a picture of themselves when they pick up a package ensures the right package goes home with the right person

The availability of digital solutions has improved how workplaces manage the operational and logistical aspects of the workplace experiences in a number of ways, including:

Package delivery management enables quick package scanning and instantly alerts employees when they have a guest to greet or a package to pick up.

Delivery reminders issue automatic reminders to help your team pick up their packages even faster — most in around 24 hours.

Delivery accountability with digital delivery logs provides peace of mind and updates automatically, so you can check records anytime.

Recipient notifications automatically detect package owners when packages are scanned, and let them know to pick the items it up, making it easy for your team to find and sign for their packages.

Deliveries management software presents an agile way to plan ahead for expected challenges of the work day (and frees you up for all of the unexpected ones).

To understand more about how to improve mailroom delivery management for your workplace, get the delivery management ebook to see how to digitize your package intake and pick-up process.