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What is a mailroom management system?

With more folks sending personal packages to the workplace, having a sound mailroom management system in place is key.
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What is a mailroom management system?

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re looking for a mailroom management solution. With more folks working on-site on a regular basis, managing the mailroom may be increasingly time-consuming. This is not only frustrating for you, since there’s plenty of other work on your plate, it’s also a poor experience for employees who rely on the workplace for safe package delivery.

Luckily, there are ways to automate the mailroom process so you can spend less time doing repetitive, manual tasks and more time doing the more rewarding aspects of your job. In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of a mailroom management system. But first, let’s talk about what mailroom management is and why it needs a refresh.

What is mailroom management?

Mailroom management is the process of overseeing deliveries to the workplace and ensuring they get to their rightful owners. This includes establishing a record of when packages arrive, notifying recipients of their delivery, and storing deliveries appropriately.

A more sophisticated process leverages mailroom management software. This technology saves you time by automating workflows and improves the employee experience by making it easier for them to receive a notification of their delivery and arrange a pickup at a time that’s convenient. We’ll come back to these benefits later in the post.

Why traditional mailroom management needs a refresh

Online shopping has reached new heights since the start of the pandemic. In fact, a recent report revealed that e-commerce sales are on pace to make up nearly a quarter of all retail sales by 2025. As your employees have more of their personal packages sent to the workplace, your team needs to have a system in place to accept, organize, and store these deliveries.

Traditional mailroom management systems focus on manual processes for mail and package intake and delivery, usually with the workplace manager receiving and confirming receipt of each item with a signature. From there, the mail is stored—perhaps in a pile next to the front desk or in a storage room. Next, the workplace manager distributes the mail using a variety of manual methods, such as tracking down employees in the office to personally hand off a package. While this is a thorough, hands-on process, it takes up a significant amount of time.

In contrast, a digital mailroom management system is designed to cut the time spent handling packages to a fraction compared to traditional mailroom management. Saving time isn’t the only benefit of this technology, though. Let’s dive into some of the other reasons to switch to a digital mailroom management system.

The benefits of digital mailroom management

The greatest advantage of digital mailroom management software is that they automate different pieces of the delivery process for you. These systems are designed with features that automatically sync, notify, and record on your behalf to save your team time and headaches. Here are a few features that your organization can benefit from using:

  • Package delivery management - This enables quick package scanning and instantly alerts employees when they have a package to pick up
  • Delivery reminders - These are automatic reminders sent to help remind folks to pick up their packages to reduce mailroom pileups
  • Digital delivery logs - These provide peace of mind and update automatically, so you can check records anytime
  • Recipient notifications - These automatically detect package recipients when a delivery is scanned, match the recipients to employees in your directory, and will notify the recipients when their items are ready to be picked up

These features will help you create a mailroom process that works smoothly for you and your employees. Not to mention, when your mailroom process works as it should, you’ll have fewer package pileups. While a cluttered space can make you and your organization look bad, a clean and tidy space shows folks you have things under control.

Mailroom management has become more important as more folks have returned on-site. Keeping on top of deliveries with a streamlined mailroom process will not only save you from getting buried under a pile of packages. It’ll also make for a more delightful experience for your folks working on-site.

Don’t wait for the mailroom pileups to grow unwieldy. Take action by putting a mailroom management system in place.

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