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Visitors can now sign your NDA before they arrive


We’re always hearing from our customers that pre-registration is one of their favorite parts about using Envoy, and we agree! Pre-registration is the easiest way to give your visitors an amazing, streamlined sign-in experience. With pre-registration, you can send a detailed invite email, alert your team about expected visitors and speed up sign-in — all in one simple step. We’re excited to announce even more powerful improvements to pre-registration that help you put Envoy to work more than ever before.

Now, your invited visitors can pre-register before they arrive. On any Envoy plan, invited visitors can fill in their sign-in fields, and on Envoy Premium and Enterprise Plans, they’ll be able to sign your company’s NDA in advance, too.

It’s easy: all visitors have to do is click the link in your invite email and they’ll be taken to a new web browser window. From there, they can just enter in their details and digitally sign your legal documents.

These new pre-registration improvements will allow your visitors to fill in their details and sign your NDA in the comfort of their own home, office or even on the go. This also means they’ll have plenty of time to read and review your important legal documents before signing.

Plus, with the legal legwork out of the way, sign-in becomes a breeze for everyone. There’s no more scrambling with paperwork,no more rushing to read lengthy documents while standing at the front desk. Pre-registered visitors just enter their name on the iPad, and the rest of their details appear automatically. That’s it: a smooth, streamlined sign-in experience.

We’ve added this functionality to our existing pre-registration feature, which means it’s now live on all accounts. (Note: The ability for visitors to pre-fill their sign-in fields is available on all plans, while pre-signing the NDA is only available on Premium and Enterprise plans.)

To start streamlining sign-in for your visitors, learn more about NDA signing, pre-registration basics, and our new feature updates.