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Updates: Passport for Android, Apple TV beta and more!

Bringing you the latest features and news from Envoy HQ.


Passport for Android

Envoy Passport — the app that lets visitors skip the typing and sign in faster — is now available for Android! And remember that your team can use Passport too, to customize their notification preferences and message their coworkers directly from the app.

You can download our Passport app for Android here:


Envoy iPad app version 1.7.1

1.7.1 is all about making your Envoy experience even better, so update today. And for a reminder on how to update your iPad app, check out this guide.

Sign out flow

The sign out flow has been redesigned to increased accuracy. Visitors can easily identify and select the correct visitor entry when they sign out. It’s the perfect solution for visitors with common names.

Device management

The printer status displayed on the device management page now updates in real time. If a visitor signs in and the badge doesn’t print, you’ll see the badge printer status immediately turn to disconnected. Plus, anytime there’s an issue, you’ll see an alert on the top dashboard bar.

Passport detection

Keep your iPad uncluttered with better Passport detection. Now, if a Passport stays within range for over 10 minutes, the avatar will disappear from the iPad screen. Especially handy for shared spaces: you’ll no longer show up on your neighbor’s iPad all day!

Reorganized iPad and NDA settings

We’ve broken down the monolithic Settings > iPad page into more manageable sections that are easier to navigate. And, your NDA settings have moved to their own dedicated section under Settings > NDA.

What’s in beta?

Envoy + Apple TV

Apple TV in your office? Heck yes. Just imagine the possibilities: with a TV in your reception area, you could greet each visitor with a custom welcome message, play a safety video upon sign-in, cycle a custom slideshow, and more.