Jul 21, 2016
Nov 9, 2023

Updates: New integrations and NDA expiration

Learn about our newest updates, including new integrations and NDA expiration.
Envoy Author
Updates: New integrations and NDA expiration

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Envoy simplifies NDA signing, and now the Envoy + Dropbox integration makes NDA storage a breeze, too. With this integration, a PDF of each signed NDA is automatically uploaded into your Dropbox to ensure that files are secure, organized and easily accessible. Learn more about our Dropbox integration.


Egnyte joins Box and Dropbox in our integrations directory as the newest option for signed NDA storage and sharing. With the Envoy + Egnyte integration, signed NDAs are automatically uploaded to the designated Egnyte folder of your choice. Learn more about our Egnyte integration.


What better way to keep your visitors informed on what your company’s up to than to stay in touch via an email or newsletter? Envoy’s new MailChimp integration can help you do just that.Every time a visitor signs in on the iPad using Envoy, they’ll be automatically added to the MailChimp list of your choice. Worried about privacy? Don’t be — with MailChimp’s confirmation feature, visitors still have the chance to opt in or out of your mailings. Learn more about our MailChimp integration.


NDA feature now supports expiration

If your location requires visitors to re-sign the NDA after a certain period of time, Envoy can help you keep your records up to date. Now, it’s easy to enable the ‘require visitors to re-sign’ feature, and enter the desired number of days. Once enabled, all visitors will automatically be prompted to re-sign the NDA when needed. Learn more about to setting NDA expiration dates.

Top tip: if you need visitors to sign the NDA every time they visit, just enter “1” in the field.

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Envoy Author
Envoy Author

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