Mar 28, 2017
Nov 9, 2023

Updates: New Cisco Meraki integration and product improvements

Learn about our newest updates, including our Cisco Meraki and Skype for Business integrations.
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Updates: New Cisco Meraki integration and product improvements

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View all invites you create

We’ve made it easier than ever to manage invites for other employees. When you create an invite on behalf of someone else, it now appears in your invites list — meaning all the invites you manage are only a click away.

Plus, it’s simple to see who’s inviting visitors on your behalf. Just open the invite, and at the bottom you’ll see a new “invited by” area. This area displays the name of the team member who created the invite on your behalf. Learn more about managing invites.


Skype for Business

Available on Premium & Enterprise plans

Envoy makes it simple to notify your employees when visitors sign-in. With the Envoy + Skype for Business integration, your employees will receive a private Skype for Business IM every time a visitor arrives to see them. These convenient alerts ensure that visitors spend more time with their hosts and less time waiting in the lobby. Learn more about our Skype for Business integration.

Cisco Meraki

Available on Enterprise plan

The new Envoy + Cisco Meraki integration makes it easy to provision guest Wi-Fi network and password information for each visitor that signs in with Envoy.

Upon sign-in, the visitor will receive an email or text message with the Wi-Fi network name, password and access instructions. When they open any browser, a customizable splash page will prompt them to enter the password they received. Learn more about our Cisco Meraki integration.


Use SAML to make single sign-on required

Available on Premium & Enterprise plans

If your identity provider (IdP) supports SAML 2.0, you’ve had the option to allow admins and employees to access their Envoy dashboard via single sign-on (SSO) to access their dashboards. Single sign-on allows the right employees to have the appropriate permissions upon login, all while simplifying sign-in and making it more secure.

Now, you can configure SAML to make single sign-on required. This is the best way to ensure that users can only authenticate via your IdP. They will never be prompted to enter a password and will not be allowed to manually reset their password. Learn more about using SAML for single sign-on with Envoy.

More accurate device status

Device management allows you to monitor the status of your iPads and printers from anywhere. You can see, at-a-glance, which devices are online, offline or require updates. This information is crucial to how you use Envoy, so we’ve recently improved how we collect status from your devices. iPads now report their status more frequently, meaning that your devices page will always display the current status for all of your iPads and printers. Learn more about managing your devices.

Improved exports for large data files

Need to export thousands upon thousands of visitor records? With Envoy, you can. While we’ve always securely stored your visitor data, we recently learned that some customers were experiencing export issues. They’d collected so much visitor data that Envoy would time out upon trying to export it all.

But not to worry — we’ve improved our export process and put safeguards in place to prevent export timeouts. Exports now run in the background, asynchronously, meaning even the largest stores of visitor data can be exported with just a click. Learn more about how to export visitor data.

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