Jun 10, 2021
Apr 9, 2024

Unlocking a workplace experience suited for the hybrid work future

Hear from leaders from technology platforms Butlr and OnSolve on challenges companies face as they reopen their workplaces.
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Unlocking a workplace experience suited for the hybrid work future

Employees are returning to the workplace. As they do, it’s clear their expectations have evolved since the start of the pandemic. Instead of a one-size-fits-all work model, people expect to have the flexibility to work where they’re most productive. They also expect pre-pandemic employee benefits, whether they work on-site or off. To craft an experience that’ll attract people to the workplace, you need a strategy. Technology will be key to shifting to this new era of work and keeping employees engaged, empowered, and safe. In our webinar, Building a people-centric workplace experience, panelists chatted about the challenges orgs face as they plan their return to the workplace. Jonathan Altshuler, Cater2.me’s chief of staff, moderated a discussion with leaders from technology platforms supporting the return to work:

  • Rags Gupta, President of Butlr
  • Jason Scott, Vice President for Alliances and Channels at OnSolve
  • Jasmin Bagalso, Channel Manager at Envoy

The discussion focused on three main subjects. First, how companies are managing return to work processes. Second, the critical workplace tools and technologies. And finally, the impact the future of the workplace will have on company culture.

  • Butler offers a wireless sensor-based platform. It enables the detection of headcount occupancy and activity.
  • OnSolve provides the technology that powers many employee and citizen communication platforms.
  • Cater2.me supplies custom meal programs that connect companies with local food providers—from top chefs and restaurants to popular neighborhood food trucks.

Panelists shared how they’re managing space and workplace health and safety in the return to work. Rags noted that people are talking about safe space management more than before. “Your company may have experienced a lot of growth [during the pandemic]. What does that mean for your real estate footprint as people start to come back?” Data is key to optimizing your space for your business needs and employees. Track how space is used, using tools like Envoy Desks, to make informed decisions about floor plans, cleaning schedules, and staffing.Jason acknowledged that companies are in a transition. “We can expound on what we think the world will look like in the fall and beyond. But we really don't know. In these transition periods, employees should understand how their organizations are keeping them safe.” It makes sense to consider increasing the frequency of employee communications. Sharing workplace updates and safety procedures often will help employees understand that their well-being is a top concern.

Find out how Butlr, OnSolve, and Cater2.me envision the workplace experience in the new workplace. Watch the on-demand webinar.

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Chris is a digital marketer at Envoy, where he produces webinars with industry thought leaders and helps people discover new content. He's passionate about music and loves to make art and skateboard in his spare time.

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