The wait is over — it’s time to role with Envoy

You asked. We listened!

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Admin Roles, a new feature for multiple admin accounts, which will give you greater flexibility, freedom, control, and security.

Sharing is an admirable quality among friends and coworkers, but we understand that doesn’t necessarily extend to login credentials and passwords. With Admin Roles, you’ll no longer have to share a single admin login across your company. Now you can create as many admin accounts as you need, with individual roles and specific permissions!

Excited? You can access this new functionality on your dashboard right now. Let’s go through all the different possibilities.

Global Admin Role:

Be the masters of your Envoy universe with full permission to view, access, edit and assign anything and everything at any location across your company. Plus, Global Admin is the only role that can add new locations. Use your power wisely.

Location Admin Role:

Location admins have full permission to view, access, edit and assign anything and everything at a specified company location.

Receptionist Role:

Receptionists have access to all the important functions for greeting, managing, and receiving visitors. We hope this makes you smile as much as a new visitor in the door. 🙂

Security Role:

With the security role, you can access a specified location’s security dashboard, as well as a live list of all the pre-registered visitors.

Billing Role:

With the billing role, you can change your Envoy plan, update your credit card details and view or download all your receipts on file.

We’re excited to hear what you think about our Admin Roles feature! Let us know at [email protected].