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Nov 9, 2023

Streamline your workflow with delivery management software

Tired of a cluttered mailroom or lobby? Here are the features and benefits of investing in a delivery management software solution.
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Streamline your workflow with delivery management software

Your workplace can get busy, and unfortunately, that means some things get lost in the shuffle. Packages are a prime example. They can pile up in the mailroom, or worse, at the front desk.

Cluttered lobbies have been proven to hurt your visitor’s first impression of your company. In fact, according to our recent workplace survey, 75% of respondents have negatively judged an organization based on their experience in the lobby. We know that piles of unclaimed packages often contribute to this.

There are several reasons that lead to this pesky and persistent problem. The most common is that co-workers aren’t notified they have a package, or they don’t pick up their packages in a timely manner (if ever).

Many businesses don’t have a simple way to keep track of the packages that get delivered. What you need is a digital solution that’s reliable, easy to use, and works for everyone.

Delivery management software—the package advantage

Delivery management software works wonders for workplace organization. Here are the features and benefits of investing in delivery management solutions.

Workflows are streamlined

When you set up a digital delivery management solution, you skip all the heavy leg work. Gone are the days of wasting precious time sorting deliveries, transcribing details, messaging employees, and hunting down recipients.

Paper trails are automatically created

You may not think of security when you think of packages, but it’s an absolute necessity. With delivery management software, you’ll be able to track every single detail digitally from arrival to pick up and everything in between.

Order is restored

Since you have the ability to instantly notify employees of deliveries, packages can now be picked up in a more orderly fashion. This translates to more storage space in your mailroom and less stress in your life.

Lobbies are clutter-free

Messy lobbies are unappealing and often leave visitors with a poor impression of your organization (or, rather, disorganization). Create a professional, welcoming environment with delivery management that helps you quickly distribute packages and envelopes.

Eases your mind—easy to use

Delivery management will not only make your job more efficient and worry-free, but you won’t break a sweat getting started. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Snap a photo - Use the delivery management mobile app to take a photo of each incoming package or piece of mail.
  2. Automatic notification - The shipping label is read by the app and the recipient is alerted on their favorite platform, including email and Slack.
  3. Recipient confirms pick-up - Employees simply sign for their package when they pick it up, so you know it has been received and removed.

A modern solution to an age-old problem

Not all delivery management solutions are rich in features like easy recording, digital delivery logs, recipient notifications, secure pick-up, automatic reminders, and analytics and reporting. If you’re not too busy sorting packages in the mailroom, give Envoy Deliveries a try.

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Envoy Author
Envoy Author

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