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Stamp collectors rejoice!


What’s the best part of any passport? We think it’s looking back on the stamps you’ve collected and reminiscing about your adventures. And maybe even sharing them with your friends to show how well traveled you are.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of a new set of interactive features for our Envoy Passport stamps.

Stamps now include more details of your office visit to help you remember your trip. Things like whom you visited, the date and time you arrived, your entry photo, and whether you signed the company’s NDA.

Now if you’re ever at a loss about meeting specifics, just tap the stamp for an instant reminder.

And if you want to share with your friends or professional networks how well traveled you are, you can share your stamp on most social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Don’t worry, only the stamp gets shared, not the details.

Plus, as the cherry on top, you’ll even get a work related fun fact served up to break the ice and impress your next host. Did you know that at work, people check their email an average of 36 times per hour? We bet they don’t either!

So have some fun! Enjoy the interactive delight of our new and improved Envoy Passport Stamps.

Happy travels!