Roundup: mighty mini-features

Note: first published on October 8, 2015

Attach agreements to pre-registration emails

Send your pre-registered visitors a copy of your NDA or waiver in advance of their visit. Once you enable this feature, every pre-registered visitor will get a copy of your agreement with their pre-registration email.

Have different agreements for different visitors? No problem. Simply select the guest’s purpose of visit when you pre-register them, and they’ll receive the correct agreement. Learn more in our help guide.

Example of non-disclosure agreement

Search pre-registrations

There’s a new search feature for pre-registrations, making it simple to check who’s heading your way. Search the name, company or private notes fields from your pre-registration dashboard now.

A better ice-breaker

Keep an eye out: you may start seeing more visitor information in your email host notifications! Now, when visitors sign in with an email associated with their LinkedIn account, you’ll get a snapshot of their experience and education at the bottom of your notification.

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Best, Abby and Team Envoy

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