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Reopening the workplace? Gain insights from leaders at Slack, Zoom, Samsara, and PennyMac

What do companies Slack, Zoom, PennyMac, and Samsara have in common? They’re all managing the return to the workplace.

Chris Appelgren
By Chris Appelgren Digital Marketer

What do companies Slack, Zoom, PennyMac, and Samsara have in common? They’re all managing the return to the workplace. Earlier this week, we spoke with leaders from these companies to learn how their vision for the new workplace has evolved. Meet each of the speakers below.

  • Nicole Persaud leads safety and security for Samsara. Samsara’s headquarters are in San Francisco, but they have locations in San Jose, Atlanta, and the UK. They also have remote workers positioned all over the world. 
  • Amy Bernardino is the Senior Vice President of Administration at financial services company PennyMac. They’re based in Southern California with 15 locations across the US.  
  • Erin Figueroa is the Vice President of Operations for Slack, where she oversees workplace safety and safety and security. Slack has 17 offices across the world with Slack the product serving as the global HQ. 
  • Alana Collins is the Head of Real Estate and Workplace at Zoom, where her team handles real estate strategy as well as safety and security. They have 18 locations across the globe totaling more than 550,000 square feet. 

At the start of the webinar, panelists shared how their companies are welcoming employees back to the workplace. PennyMac took a unique approach and hosted a series of open house events. “We wanted to ensure that when employees came back they felt safe, secure, and protected,” said Amy. “We set time on Saturday for each location, well in advance of our return, and invited people to our 15 different locations with knowledgeable tour guides on-site.”

The discussion also hit on key return to work topics, including hybrid work, vaccination policies, space management, and employee well-being.

One of the big shifts Samsara has made in its workplace since reopening has been how the company uses its space, focusing on how it can be used for collaboration and events. “One of our biggest changes is moving to a hybrid work environment. We’ve given people the option to provide input about where they see themselves. Whether they’re looking to come in certain days a week or work remote. Because, as we know, so many people have taken the opportunity to reinvent what work means for them.”

Want to hear more from these companies about how they are returning to the workplace and thinking about hybrid work? Watch the on-demand webinar.

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