Now your team can do more with Envoy

As an office manager, we know you have to manage Envoy and a front desk buzzing with activity, all while juggling your day-to-day tasks.

And help is on the way.

We’re excited to announce that your employees can now manage their own visitors and invites right from the Envoy dashboard or the Envoy Passport mobile app. This means that they’ll need less admin assistance, so you’ll be free to do more meaningful work.

Now your employees have the power to do the following from web or mobile:

  • Create and edit invites
  • View their visitor history
  • Sign out visitors

Any employee in your directory can create a web login. Here’s how:

  • They’ll just go to, enter their work email address and follow the steps to log in.
  • That’s it! Once they create a password, they’ll be taken directly to their personal dashboard where they can view their visitors and invites.

And to access these features on mobile, any employee can just download the Envoy Passport app for iPhone or Android to get started.

Ready to share Envoy access with your team? Learn more, and find a helpful email template in our employee access FAQ guide.