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New integrations: Zapier and IFTTT

Note: first published on September 24, 2015

Envoy is all about helping you skip the busy work. And now, you can put the robots at Zapier and IFTTT to work for you, too.

Both Zapier and IFTTT work similarly: when an action happens in the Envoy app, it triggers a desired result in another app. It’s a super simple way to streamline your workload. And the best part? It’s all done quickly and automatically.

Some of our favorite examples:

  • Envoy > Google Sheets: log Envoy visitor entries to a spreadsheet
  • Envoy > Google Calendar: create calendar events for Envoy pre-registrations
  • Envoy > Dropbox: file new Envoy signed agreements into a specified folder
  • Envoy > MailChimp: add new Envoy visitors to an email list​

Install Zapier or IFTTT integrations from your Settings > Integrations page

​Check out Envoy’s Zapbook and IFTTT Channel to enable popular actions with our favorite apps. Or, simply roll your own (that’s computer programmer speak for create some yourself.)

Enable these directly from your Settings > Integrations page, or learn more in our Zapier help guide and IFTTT help guide.

📩 Email us at [email protected] with any questions!

Best, Abby & Team Envoy