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New integrations: Okta and OneLogin

Note: first published on September 10, 2015

At Envoy, we’re here to help you skip the busy work. We know that manually adding employees or endlessly updating CSV files isn’t really anyone’s idea of a good time.

Now, in addition to Google Apps, you can use Okta or OneLogin to manage your employee directory! With just a few keystrokes, you can seamlessly sync Okta or OneLogin users directly to Envoy. You can even filter based on custom attributes, groups, and more.

Install any of our directory syncing integrations from your Settings > Integrations page.

We’ll continue to make these integrations more robust (with features like sync preview) over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Please note: enabling any of these integrations will overwrite your existing Envoy employee directory. And because you’ll need admin access, connect with your IT team about Okta or OneLogin before jumping right in.

📩 Email us at [email protected] with any questions!