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Why give your workplace the gift of automated delivery management this holiday season

Find out how to make sure deliveries to the workplace are a breeze—not a headache—during the holidays.

Wing Poon
By Wing Poon Product Marketer

Holiday shopping is now in full swing. Is your front desk staff ready for the tsunami of packages heading your way? 

A perfect storm is brewing this year. 

Nearly 90% of consumers plan to shop online this holiday season, while global supply logistics delays prompt people to make holiday purchases earlier than usual. More companies are asking employees to return to the workplace, yet many offices still run on a lean staff. 

All that is happening while package thefts are at an all-time high. In fact, 55% of respondents in a recent survey reported their packages being stolen during the holiday season.

That’s why many employees choose to have their online purchases delivered to the workplace. 

And why wouldn’t they? Employees have peace of mind knowing that someone trustworthy at the front desk will receive their packages and notifying them of their arrival. This is particularly helpful this year as more employees are working a hybrid workplace schedule and they don’t always know which days they’ll be working in the office or at home. 

However, without the right processes in place, delivering packages to the workplace could turn out to be a major headache for everyone involved—especially as deliveries are expected to more than double during the holidays. 

Let’s take a look at two different processes of managing package deliveries, manually versus automatically, and their possible outcomes.

Should you still process packages manually?

Traditionally, package deliveries typically are received manually by the front desk staff and recorded using a paper log or spreadsheet. The staff match the recipient in the employee directory and then attempt to let that person know a package has arrived by writing an email. The staff place the package in the mailroom until the recipient arrives at the front desk to ask for the package. The staff then goes to the back to retrieve it and logs that the package has been picked up. 

This manual process should take the front desk staff at least 5 minutes to receive, log, notify the recipient, and retrieve the package for one delivery. And that doesn’t even account for multiple reminders to pick up forgotten packages. 

With holiday e-commerce sales projected to reach higher than ever at $207 billion in the U.S. alone between November and December this year, a 10 percent increase over 2020 sales, your front desk will likely be dealing with more than just a handful of packages each day. 

Let’s say your office gets around 10 packages on a typical day. Taking 5 minutes to process each package manually, your front desk staff spend around 50 minutes handling deliveries.

During the holiday season, if the volume doubles to 20 packages, that’s 100 minutes to process them. If the volume increases 5x to 50 packages, that’s over 4 hours to process. 

Using a manual process as delivery volume scales creates additional issues for everyone involved:

  • The front desk staff ends up being overwhelmed with processing packages as they have to take care of other responsibilities too. They also will have less time reminding employees to pick up lingering packages.
  • The mailroom starts to overflow with packages that end up cluttering your front desk area. Instead of the company making a welcoming and positive first impression to visitors and employees returning to the office, the front desk becomes a source of reminder that returning to the office is stressful.
  • Employees find themselves frustrated as they can’t find their holiday packages among the piles. 

What was supposed to be a smart solution to prevent package theft for employees to have their holiday packages shipped to their office turned out not to be such a sure solution after all. 

But what options do employees have? Should they work in the office while staying anxious all day wondering if their holiday packages end up being stolen? Or should they work from home more just so they could be there to receive their holiday packages? 

This is a tough situation for employees to be in. And neither option bodes well for companies trying to convince more employees to return to the office. After all, 39% of respondents of a survey do stay at home when they’re expecting a package.

Fortunately, if you’re in charge of creating a positive and welcoming workplace for employees, there is a way for you to avoid this holiday package quagmire completely. 

The best part is that it would only take you less than 30 minutes to set up.

Why give the gift of automated delivery management

Instead of receiving and logging packages manually, you can automate your entire delivery management process with Envoy Deliveries. 

In less than 30 minutes, you can easily set up Envoy Deliveries and cut the time to process each delivery from 5 minutes to just 5 seconds

When a package arrives, all you need to do is to scan the mailing label with the Envoy mobile app. It’s fast and easy. 

Once scanned, Envoy Deliveries will do the rest—automatically:

  1. Envoy automatically matches the name on the label with the recipient from the employee directory and sends the recipient an automatic notification that a package has arrived, via email or Slack.
  2. If a package doesn’t get picked up, an automatic reminder gets sent until the package has been picked up. You can set the reminder intervals.
  3. When the recipient comes to pick up the package, they can verify its pick up by signing their name and/or taking a photo of the package using the Deliveries app on an iPad stationed in the mailroom.
  4. All the package arrival and pickup details get logged into the analytics dashboard, which then can be reviewed to see how you can further improve and scale your operation processes.

Using an automated delivery management process means that everyone can relax and enjoy their gifts and a better workplace experience this holiday season: 

  • The front desk staff won’t be overwhelmed with a barrage of holiday packages to process. 
  • The company makes a good first impression in welcoming employees and visitors back into the office with a front desk area that is free of pileups of packages. 
  • Employees get the peace of mind that their packages are received securely at work. 

Don’t wait until packages start arriving en masse to your door. Start a free trial of Envoy Deliveries and get it set up in less than 30 minutes today. 

Give your workplace, your front desk staff, your employees, and yourself the gift of automated delivery management this holiday season.

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