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How to get ahead of the holiday delivery rush at your workplace

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means? More packages piling up at your front desk.

Wing Poon
By Wing Poon Product Marketer

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means? More packages piling up at your front desk. 

More employees are returning to the office than ever since the pandemic. At the same time, their online shopping habits have stuck. Over 84% of survey respondents plan to have at least one package delivered this upcoming holiday season, and 27% plan to place even more online orders than last year’s holiday season.

All that is happening while concerns about package thefts are at an all-time high. It’s not a surprise that 66% of respondents expect package thefts to increase after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

To prevent package theft, a fifth of respondents send their packages to their workplace or a relative’s home. But over 51% end up just staying at home when expecting a package. For companies that want to create a vibrant workplace leading up to the holiday season, having half the staff working from home will certainly dampen the festive mood. 

Fortunately, your team can overcome the issue of being inundated with a ton of package deliveries AND encourage your employees to continue coming into the workplace. 

How? By automating your mailroom with delivery management software

Automate your mailroom 

Delivery management software saves your team the time and hassle it takes to manually log packages and notify employees of incoming deliveries. This helps your workplace managers maintain a clutter-free front desk area and mailroom as your employees pick up their packages more promptly. 

Delivery management software also helps ensure that packages get to their rightful owners. Keeping a record of when packages arrive and when packages get picked up ensures important packages are accounted for.

Once this automated mailroom process is in place, give your employees peace of mind. Let them know that they can get their packages securely received at work as an employee perk this holiday season. 

How Envoy Deliveries works

Instead of receiving and logging packages manually, you can automate your entire delivery management process with Envoy Deliveries

In less than 30 minutes, you can easily set up Envoy Deliveries and cut the time to process each delivery to just 5 seconds. 

Here’s how it works:

1. When a package arrives, scan the mailing label with the Envoy mobile app. It’s fast and easy. 

2. Envoy automatically matches the name on the label with the recipient from the employee directory and sends the recipient an automatic notification that a package has arrived, via email or Slack.

3. If an employee doesn’t pick up their package, an automatic reminder is sent until the package has been picked up. You can set reminder intervals.

4. Recipients can verify they’ve picked up their package by signing their name and/or taking a photo of the package using the Deliveries app on an iPad stationed in the mailroom. 

5. All package arrival and pickup details are logged in the analytics dashboard, so you can see how you can further improve and scale your operation.

Get started with Envoy Deliveries

Using an automated delivery management process means that everyone can rest assured knowing that their holiday presents will arrive safely and their workplace will continue to run smoothly: 

  • Employees come to work with the peace of mind that their packages are received securely at work. 
  • The front desk staff won’t be overwhelmed with a barrage of holiday packages to process. 
  • The company makes a good first impression in welcoming employees and visitors back into the office with a front desk area that is free from piles of packages. 

Don’t wait until packages start cluttering your door. Start a free trial of Envoy Deliveries and get it set up in less than 30 minutes today.

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Get ahead of the holiday delivery rush

Automate your mailroom in just minutes. Get started with Envoy Deliveries for free.

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