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Room to do more: Discover more space with smart nudges and new analytics

With Envoy Rooms’ new Space Saver solutions, you can discover even more space and access analytics to design a workplace that works for everyone.

Vivian Chau
By Vivian Chau Solutions Marketing Manager

As a workplace leader, you’ve probably faced challenges when bringing people together onsite, especially for companies with distributed and hybrid workforces. Spaces only come to life when people actively use them–and use them efficiently. Take meeting rooms for example. When more people are in the office, meeting rooms become a scarce resource. How often do we get frustrated when we’re planning for a big group meeting, only to find that the largest conference rooms are booked for a small team sync? That’s why smart workplace technology is critical for running a well-oiled office.

Now, with Envoy Rooms’ new Space Saver solutions, you can discover even more space and access analytics to design a workplace that works for everyone. Read on to find out how the latest solutions and analytics can help you make the most of your space.

Discover more space with smart nudges when booking rooms

Illustration showcasing the new Rooms Space Saver features, Room resizer and Onsite room recapture

Picture this: you’re trying to find a large conference room for a big group brainstorming session, but they’re all booked. What do you do? Short of tracking down the meeting organizers and asking them to switch rooms with you, you might be out of luck. What if you had an assistant to help you do that instead? 

With Room resizer, Envoy is that digital assistant. Whenever someone is booking a large capacity room, but only has two attendees, Envoy will send a nudge through Slack or Teams to encourage the meeting host to switch rooms. Better yet, the smart, space-saving technology will only suggest this when there’s a better capacity room nearby, prioritizing those on the same floor.

Okay, so that covers people booking the wrong size room. But what about the dreaded “ghost meeting”—where there’s a booked room with no one actually using that space? Instead of wasting available space, Onsite room recapture helps free up rooms so others can book them. By turning this on, employees who haven’t checked-in to the office that day will get a reminder to release their room reservations. Envoy will only send smart notifications when none of the meeting attendees are registered onsite. 

Preventing wasted space and ensuring people can find the right sized rooms is a win-win for employees and workplace leaders. These two new additions complement your existing Space Saver solutions, Missed check-in and Missed recurring meeting, to help you make the most of all of your meeting spaces. Activate the new Rooms smart nudges today to make it even easier for teams to meet and collaborate onsite.

Make better real estate decisions with enriched data

Image of new Rooms advanced analytics

These new solutions are great for automated, in-the-moment, space-saving tactics. But what about long-term space optimization? Now, you can access advanced Rooms analytics to get the actionable insights you need to improve your space over time.

With advanced analytics, you can answer questions like:

  • What day do employees book the most rooms? 
  • What kind of rooms do employees use most? If you find out that all of your phone booths are booked but your larger conference rooms sit empty half the time, you could consider converting one larger space into more smaller pods.
  • What are the most popular room amenities that employees use? Perhaps your workplace could repurpose or move around A/V equipment, whiteboards or couches.

Knowing these answers can help you design spaces where employees get the most out of their day in the office. Plus, understanding how this data trends over time helps you plan and make real estate decisions to better support dynamic workforces. 

Smarter workplace technology for all

Designing productive workplaces means creating places where people can connect and collaborate in meaningful ways—both planned and spontaneous. To do this successfully, you must combine your physical space with smart, interactive technology.  

At Envoy, we want to make that easy. Think of Envoy as your digital assistant, automating the mundane and saving you time while freeing up space (and capturing space utilization data all the while). When employees are able to find the space they need to be productive onsite, and you have the data you need to make smart decisions, you can create a better workplace experience for everyone.

How else can we design better workspaces together? With even more flexibility and connectivity, enabled through the Envoy platform. Our updated Spaces API empowers developers to customize how to book rooms and desks with Envoy. Now, your developers can build an integration that shows a list of available rooms in Slack or Teams or automatically starts a Zoom meeting when someone checks into a room. These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are really up to them!

Curious to see how our conference room booking software can enhance your employee experience? Contact us!

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Vivian Chau
Author Bio Vivian Chau

Vivian is a solutions marketing manager at Envoy, where she helps companies build community-oriented workplaces. Outside the office, she enjoys trying out new restaurants and wandering in bookstores.