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Why your workplace should invest in a digital visitor logbook

Skip the pain of pen and paper and switch to a digital visitor logbook. You’ll look good, stay organized, and keep your workplace safe.

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Located just beyond your front desk, you may have a visitor logbook that people sign manually when they enter your office. This usually looks like a pen and paper book filled with pages upon pages of guest signatures and private information.

A bit old-fashioned? Yes. But it works for you. Or does it?

We are taking a guess that you’ve experienced a few pen and paper pain points that you tend to ignore. Here are a few that might ring a bell. 

Your low-tech visitor log not only makes your company look outdated, but it leaves visitor information right out in the open, exposing it to others who might have bad intentions.

Then there’s the issue of a crowded lobby. Employees who are expecting guests must be notified by front desk staff that they have someone there to see them. If there are multiple people waiting to sign-in, then there is a chance the notification might get delayed or even lost.

Finally—and this is a big one—safety and security are at risk. With no way to verify authorized visitors who enter your workplace, your staff, building, and intellectual property may be threatened.

Simple solution: The digital visitor logbook

Thousands of companies have streamlined their sign-in processes by migrating to a digital visitor logbook. Powered by visitor management software, the digital logbook offers a wide variety of benefits. 

For starters, this solution is designed to help you make a good first impression. Guests can quickly enter their information into a sleek sign-in app that is fully branded, customizable, and easy to use. Once a guest signs in, a personalized badge is printed so people know they are welcome in the office.

Plus, hosts receive instant notifications right when their guest arrives, meaning nobody has to wait long and the front desk staff can work on other tasks.  

Additionally, you can add legal documents to the sign in flow, like NDAs and safety waivers. These legal necessities, along with powerful security features, means your office is kept safe and secure.

Gain more insights into the value of visitor management software through the following strategies that were implemented by three top companies, allowing them to turn their sign-in process into a warm, welcoming experience.

Strategy #1: Avoid the unpredictable front desk traffic jam 

Not too long ago, managing the front desk was a major challenge for Galvanize, a tech education firm with six campuses throughout the U.S. After replacing pen and paper with a digital visitor logbook, they’ve seen a huge boost in check-in efficiency. In fact, they now have 30 percent more time to create a noticeably better and professional guest experience. 

Visitors who enter the Galvanize office can sign themselves in on an iPad quickly and easily. Those who have the sign-in app on their phone save an extra step by signing in via Bluetooth. Automatic host notifications speed things even more. Now, the company’s front desk traffic flow is easy to predict, helping staff make every visit a personable and memorable one.

Strategy #2: Make all guests feel like VIPs 

Global media and technology giant PopSugar Inc. has no shortage of visitors. Thousands of people move through their offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City every day. Known for their culture of meaningful relationships, the last thing the company could afford to do was leave guests sitting alone in the lobby for an extended period. Visitor management software helped them put that to an end.

Now they offer pre-registration, making even non-VIPs feel special. Guests receive all the information they need prior to their visit, including directions and a building map. This makes it easier for guests to find your workplace, and it’s a great way for PopSugar to let visitors know they’ve gone the extra mile while also reinforcing their company brand. 

Strategy #3: Keep your office and ideas safe

Protecting people, property, and ideas was at the heart of why LightEdge, a high security and hybrid hosting provider, went the digital logbook route. As they regularly undergo audits of their facilities involving the controls over information technology and related processes, it was the perfect option for getting the necessary documentation. 

They were drawn to the streamlined badge system, which is the safest and easiest way to identify unwelcome visitors. When people signs in, a badge will be printed, featuring their name, the time, date, and their hosts’ name. In the event someone is not wearing a badge, they can take immediate steps to determine who they are. 

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