Announcing new data privacy features to support your GDPR compliance

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect on May 25, we’re excited to announce that our new features for data privacy are now available to all of our customers.

Whether you do business in the EU, with EU citizens or are just re-evaluating your approach to data privacy, these new features will let you determine how you want to approach data privacy for visitor management. With the new data privacy features you can:

  • Collect consent from your visitors
    Give visitors the option to opt-out of providing their personal information when they arrive onsite.
  • Provide instructions for those who do not consent
    Create and display custom instructions for visitors who decline data collection. Depending on your office policies, you can provide a contact number, direct them to your receptionist, tell them to contact their host, or provide other custom instructions.
  • Show your data policies during sign-in
    GDPR requires that you disclose where an individual’s data will be stored. Now, you can create a custom privacy policy document in Envoy and let guests view it directly on the iPad.

As your company defines its data privacy policy, you may determine that your visitor data should only be stored for a certain period of time. With Envoy, you can request the anonymization of data at any time. To do so, simply contact [email protected]

Data privacy is important, and now is a great time to evaluate how you handle your visitors’ information. To learn more about how we’ve approached data privacy and the recent regulation changes, read our GDPR strategy.

Note: We suggest you consult your own legal counsel if you have further questions about GDPR requirements for your organization.

If you have specific questions about your compliance needs around visitor management, we’re happy to help. Feel free to email [email protected] at any time.