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Envoy + Cisco ISE integration

Now more than ever, workplaces view security as a holistic effort and focus on multiple fronts: enhancing physical security, protecting intellectual property and safeguarding data—which starts with protecting the company’s network.

While securing sensitive corporate and customer data is invaluable to your company, the researchers at the Ponemon Institute have put a price on the average data breach. According to their recent study, the financial cost comes in at an average cost of $7.35 million per data breach—which doesn’t account for damages to corporate reputation or loss of customers. And since nearly half of the breaches studied were caused by “hackers and criminal insiders,” it’s important to view network security as a top priority.

Today we’re pleased to announce that Envoy has teamed up with Cisco to provide a new way to keep your guest network secure. Our Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE) integration allows you to leverage your existing investment in Cisco infrastructure, while providing a better guest experience. Pairing the security of Cisco ISE with the convenience of Envoy Visitors, this integration gives you the best of both worlds: You simply set up custom network rules, and your visitors will automatically receive an email or SMS containing network credentials as soon as they sign in.
With the Envoy + Cisco ISE integration, guest network security runs itself.


Every time a visitor signs in, they are recorded in Cisco ISE. Visitors receive a unique user ID and password for your guest network, just as if you provisioned it for them manually.


Automatic Wi-Fi provisioning saves time. Instead of delaying a meeting to get everyone online, visitors receive their Wi-Fi credentials via email or SMS when they sign in at the front desk.

Guest Wi-Fi is a must-have for your office, and Cisco ISE provides the security and accountability you need to keep your network secure. And when you pair Cisco ISE and Envoy Visitors, provisioning network credentials becomes a seamless part of the sign-in experience.

How to get started with the Envoy + Cisco ISE integration
This feature is available on the Envoy Visitors Enterprise plan. Our help center guide has everything you need to start automatically provisioning guest network access with Cisco ISE.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about visitor types and customizable sign-in flows. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback