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Biogen’s Brandon Bourque unlocks key insights for an effective physical security program

Biogen’s manager of Global Security Technology & Projects, Brandon Bourque, shares his recommendations for security best practices.

Remote employee engagement is down—here’s how to improve it

Results from Gallup’s latest employee engagement survey are in. Find out what companies are getting right and wrong about hybrid work.

Workplace analytics 301: Transform your space with data in 4 phases

Learn how workplace analytics can help create a highly-efficient space where employees are productive, innovative, and happy.

4 office security measures that will help keep your firm safe

To keep your people and offices safe, you need to have the right measures in place. In this post, we’ll show you how to level up your firm’s security.

6 workplace trends leaders should be aware of in 2023

Staying on top of workplace trends can help you plan ahead.

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A library of must-have ultimate guides that explore the most talked about topics in the workplace.

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Why are companies investing so much in onsite events and food? Data says it’s a key RTO incentive

Learn what 240+ workplace leaders said about how they’re incentivizing employees to return to the office.

New data reveals 54% of companies are investing more in the workplace

Onsite events and programs were a major focus for workplace leaders in 2022.

6 surprising employee statistics that defined the workplace in 2022

Pulled from our latest workplace trends report, these 6 employee habits shaped the way we worked last year.