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Matt Harris

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How to improve the workplace experience for hybrid work

Companies need to re-architect the workplace experience for flexible work. Here are the three areas they should lean into to be successful.

Is hybrid work the future of the workplace?

Before the pandemic, companies generally fell into one of two buckets: remote-first or office-first. But now there’s a newer bucket that’s emerging: hybrid work. Sitting somewhere in the middle, hybrid work empowers employees to choose whether they go into an office or not.

Practical Workplace Tech: How to communicate reopening plans to employees

Here’s how Envoy handled employee communications around returning to the office during the coronavirus pandemic.

Practical workplace tech: How to reopen the office

Like every other workplace, we are trying to figure out when, and how, we can return to the office safely. Here’s our plan.

Building an office fit for employees, not just for buyers

The best way to adopt workplace technology that employees will actually use is to focus on tools that resonate with how they work.

Practical workplace tech: Pro tips for working from home

The global pandemic has left many people working from home. Here are some pro-tips for staying productive if you’re working away from the office.

Practical workplace tech: Space utilization and going desk-free

What does it take to rethink how we use our desks—and the space dedicated to them—more efficiently? Learn how to start a desk-free movement in your office.