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Matt Harris

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Building an office fit for employees, not just for buyers

The best way to adopt workplace technology that employees will actually use is to focus on tools that resonate with how they work.

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Practical workplace tech: Pro tips for working from home

The global pandemic has left many people working from home. Here are some pro-tips for staying productive if you’re working away from the office.

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Practical workplace tech: Space utilization and going desk-free

What does it take to rethink how we use our desks—and the space dedicated to them—more efficiently? Learn how to start a desk-free movement in your office.

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Practical workplace tech: How to use your phone to unlock office doors

Companies are ditching badges and keys in exchange for simple, safe building access via smartphones. Learn more about how we did it and what we learned in the process.

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Practical workplace tech: How to set up the ideal video conference room

A bad video conferencing setup can waste time and make you look unprofessional. But, a good video conferencing setup can transform every meeting in your space.

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