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Lori Maupas

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Why people don’t want to leave their personal information at the front desk

Here’s how businesses can put guests at ease while still collecting the information they need to maintain workplace security.

Workplace habits 2020 infographic: meeting room etiquette needs work

Did you know the average worker spends 9 hours a week in meetings and 85% of people have a favorite room? Check out our new infographic.

6 workplace experience stats and trends for 2020

By understanding the following six trends, you can make informed decisions about office investments that enhance the workplace experience.

Workplace habits 2020 infographic: We share the same frustrations

Every office is different and our day-to-day work itself may vary, but there are some workplace habits we all have in common. Explore our infographic.

Fight package theft with delivery management software

Delivery management software solves the challenges of managing deliveries and improves the workplace experience.

4 signs your visitor management solution needs a refresh

Lack of efficient processes and adequate workplace technology can result in a negative workplace experience. Let’s look at how this happens—and what to do to prevent it.

Meeting management tips to reduce “ghost” rooms

70% of employees report losing up to 15 minutes a day looking for places to meet––and 15% of meeting room reservations are never used! It’s time to change that.

4 ways to improve the conference room experience

25 million meetings happen every day in the U.S. alone! Here’s four ways to improve the conference room meeting experience.

A lesson in conference room etiquette

Conference rooms are shared spaces, but not everyone respects proper etiquette for reserving and using them. Here are a few ways to be mindful.