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This post was written by one of the many writers at Envoy who are passionate about helping educate and inspire workplace leaders. We cover everything from the visitor and employee experience, to space and delivery management, to the workplace tech-stack that keeps it all running.

Hybrid work statistics in 2022

We are seeing increased flexibility in the workplace, but is it permanent? Here are 35 hybrid work stats and what they say about the future of hybrid work.

What is a mailroom management system?

With more folks sending personal packages to the workplace, having a sound mailroom management system in place is key.

11 ways to improve your mailroom service

Let’s face it: your workplace mailroom may need a little love. Here are 11 ways you can transform your workplace mailroom operations.

Not just for living in: The rise of the office neighborhood

Interested in adopting an office neighborhood? This solution streamlines office design while providing flexibility for varying working styles. Discover how!

Why meeting in person is more important than ever

While many have shifted to working from home over the last year and a half, we know that meeting in person can both restore normalcy and benefit your business.

11 employee onboarding best practices in hybrid workplaces

We asked HR leaders and small business owners for their best advice on how to onboard hybrid employees.

What is a virtual office?

Did you know 34% of U.S. jobs can be performed at home? Let’s talk about the rise of virtual work and the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual office.

What is a hybrid meeting?

What is a hybrid meeting? When in-person and virtual employees gather together, you’ll want an inclusive, specialized hybrid meeting solution for your office.