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Andi Hendrickson

Posts by Andi Hendrickson

Andi is the Marketing Copywriter for Openpath Security, the leading provider of touchless mobile access control for the built environment.

The top 5 cyber and physical security considerations for hybrid work

Use this cyber and physical security checklist to make sure that your workplace is ready for a hybrid work model.

How to increase workplace safety with touchless technology

Before the pandemic, touchless technology was a cool feature. Now, touchless solutions have gone from nice-to-have, to essential in keeping people safe at work.

Health questionnaires: why you need them and how technology can help

Learn how to keep your employees and visitors safe by adding a workplace health questionnaire to your registration process.

The tools you need for social distancing in the workplace

Social distancing is an essential part of returning to work safely in the COVID-19 age. But making sure people are actually following your guidelines is a different story. That’s where capacity management technology comes in.