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Nov 9, 2023

Guest badges are for more than just names

Many regulations, including ITAR, FSMA, and PCI DSS, have detailed requirements around visitor badges. Let Envoy help.
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Guest badges are for more than just names

ITAR, FSMA, and PCI DSS are just a few of the security and compliance certifications with detailed requirements around visitor badges. Let Envoy help you stay compliant and speed up your workflow with flexible badge features.Ready to rethink your visitor badge policies? Here’s how:

Know who’s authorized

When visitor badges are unique to your company, guests can only get them from your front desk. If guests are wearing generic visitor badges or aren’t wearing a badge at all, you know they need attention.Edit your badge information and layoutIt’s easy to make some basic changes to what information appears on your badges and how they look. Choose to print your company name or logo, show or hide the visitor photo, add a custom message—all in a few clicks.Customize your badge CSSUsing CSS, you can fully edit your badge and design. Change the fonts, layout, text size, or even flip the whole thing vertical. And for CSS tips even a beginner can follow, read our help article.Purchase custom badgesTo get a truly one-of-a-kind design, try Envoy custom badges. Your logo and custom design are printed in full color before they arrive at your office. Just insert them in the printer, and the visitor details print on the color design when they sign-in. Learn more or order now.

Identify access levels

It’s often a requirement to assign varying access levels to visitors based on their purpose of visit, citizenship, or other specified criteria—and Envoy can help.Customize badge layout per visitor typeFirst, use the visitor type feature to create multiple sign-in flows based on purpose of visit or other criteria. Then, for each visitor type, add a custom message directly on the badge that corresponds with their access level. Use custom CSS to enlarge this message.Use lanyards with non-adhesive badgesThe Brother printers are compatible with non-adhesive badges that work perfectly with lanyards. Identify different colors for different access levels, and have your front desk team can issue lanyard and badges at sign-in. To create this process, we recommend the Brother DK-N5224 badges, badge holders like these, and colored lanyards like these.Apply colored stickersIf you prefer adhesive badges, you can purchase different colored stickers and apply them directly to the guest badge to make visitor types easy to differentiate.

Display the host or escort name

If your compliance requirements dictate that each visitor has an escort, it’s likely that the escort’s name needs to be printed on the guest badge. To start printing the host’s name on your badges, edit the badge settings.

Meet expiry requirements

Even if a visitor was authorized at one point, it’s important to ensure they don’t overstay their welcome.Purchase expiring badgesEnvoy worked with an expiring badge manufacturer to create Envoy-compatible badges that void after 24 hours. Learn more or order now.Print date of issue directly on badgeFor an easy solution, opt to automatically print the date of entry directly on the badge. Any visitors with a older badge will need assistance.

Display other important details

Fully customize your badge with any other visitor information. If they provided it on the iPad, you can automatically print it on the badge. Learn more.

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Envoy Author
Envoy Author

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