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How to leverage workplace experience to transform the future of work

The pandemic has proven that workplace flexibility is not only possible, it’s optimal for many teams and individuals. The result? A lot of organizations have switched to flexible working models like hybrid work. To make it work in the long-term, they need to focus on creating an optimal workplace experience. If they’re successful, they’ll enable a workforce that’s happier, more productive, and more engaged than ever before.

In this ebook, studioID explores how facilities managers, technology leaders, and business stakeholders can leverage workplace experience to support their people in the years to come. Plus, they share expert advice, including tips from Envoy’s own Head of Product Alex Haefner on improving the workplace experience.

What’s inside


Expert advice on improving workplace experience


Tips on building camaraderie among employees


Guidance on making on-site tech work for your people


Is your workplace experience ready for a new era of work?

Moving to a hybrid work model requires cross-functional planning and execution. By partnering cross-functionally and establishing a solid plan, your team can transform the future of work at your organization.