Make your workplace work better

Rely on the smart workplace platform to manage all of your spaces more efficiently.

Bring people together to collaborate and solve problems

A busy workplace is a happy workplace. Make sure your space is set up so teammates can work together—whether they are onsite or remote.

Bring people together to collaborate and solve problems

See who’s coming in when

Find out who plans to work on-site ahead of time so you can match your schedule to teammates and key stakeholders.

Make onsite collaboration easy

Automatically seat teammates near each other or allow employees to book the desk next to their favorite coworker.

Find and book the best room to work together

Make meeting spaces easy to find, book, and free-up—so there's always space to get work done.

Master the employee experience with ease

Simplify the logistics of daily life in the workplace so employees can focus on the work that matters.

Master the employee experience with ease

Everything in one place

Employees can share schedules, book desks and rooms, navigate the workplace, and find where their coworkers are sitting—all in one app.

Find a place to meet fast

Create more space by auto-releasing unused rooms, and make them easy to find with color-coded room displays.

Take care of the details

Give employees peace of mind that their visitors and deliveries will be welcomed and handled with care when they arrive.

Make the most of your real estate investments

Access analytics across all of your spaces and operations so you can make cost-saving business decisions.

Master the employee experience with ease

Understand space usage

See which spaces often go unused, so you can spot opportunities to optimize your office footprint.

Spot preferences and trends

Find out which spaces employees use most so you can design a layout that meets their needs.

Plan out your space and resources

Get centralized insights on foot traffic, capacity, and space utilization so you can make informed decisions of how to hire, staff, and adapt your space.