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Accomplish more together in a thriving workplace

Empower your team to collaborate in person with an intuitive workplace app that makes coordinating hybrid schedules seamless.

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Make collaborating in person a breeze

Coordinate onsite schedules with coworkers ahead of time on one easy-to-use mobile app. Invite key colleagues, work friends, and teams to join you in the office with just a few taps.

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Streamline control of who can access your workplace

Keep your workplace protected by connecting your access control system, so approved employees can badge into your workplace using their mobile device. Set criteria for who is allowed to work onsite based on employees’ responses to your questionnaire as well as health check verification.

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Anticipate and adapt with workplace analytics

Measure your return-to-office analytics to optimize workplace attendance. See who’s coming onsite and which days the workplace gets busy so you can prepare ahead of time, adjust team schedules, and make traffic more balanced.

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Ensure your team get what they need to do their best work

Make it easy for your employees to report workplace issues and receive important announcements right on the Envoy mobile app. Enable employees to book the perfect desk with what they need to be comfortable and productive onsite with Envoy Desks.

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Key Features

Tools you need to create a thriving workplace

Employee workplace app

Employee workplace app

Give your employees the flexibility of when they work onsite by equipping them with an intuitive workplace app
Hybrid work scheduling

Hybrid work scheduling

Set your workplace schedule, invite coworkers, and know when others plan to work onsite so you can be there too
Interactive workplace map

Interactive workplace map

Find coworkers, reserve a room nearby, book a desk, get notified of mailroom deliveries
See who’s onsite

See who’s onsite

Easily see who signed in to the office so you can find them and connect in person
Workplace ticketing

Workplace ticketing

Report workplace issues on-the-go so they can be resolved quickly
Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting

Get return-to-office right by measuring your workplace attendance trends on one dashboard


Get important information about the workplace, like policies and events, in front of employees
Control access

Control access

Set capacity limits and criteria based on responses to your questionnaire so only approved employees can work onsite

Integrate your tech stack to power your workplace

Automate the workplace and create a seamless experience for your team with over 100 out-of-the-box workplace apps.

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Create a thriving workplace where people love to be

Make your workplace work even better. Easily manage the entire workplace, from the front desk to the mailroom, and every square foot between, on one whole workplace platform.

Envoy Protect Workplace Platform

Bring people together to collaborate

Make it a breeze for folks to sync their onsite schedules and find people and the spaces they need on the Envoy app.

Help everyone navigate onsite

Interactive workplace maps allow employees to find the people and the spaces they need to get work done.

Enhance employee experience

Automate the workplace and create a seamless experience for your team with over 100 out-of-the-box workplace apps.

Optimize space with workplace analytics

See how people actually use your space so you can right-size your space and save on costs with data-driven confidence.
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What is Envoy Protect?

Envoy Protect is a comprehensive solution designed to help companies get return-to-office right. It includes a workplace app for employees to coordinate their onsite schedules and to get the space they need. Workplace admins can view their workplace occupancy analytics to make data-driven decisions about their space.

How much does it cost?

Envoy Protect is included with an Envoy Visitors subscription. Your employees can set their hybrid work schedules on the free Basic plan, with more functionality, access control and analytics available on paid plans. Visit the pricing page to learn more about each plan.

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Envoy Protect is included in Envoy Visitors. View our pricing page to learn more.



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