Don't let your mailroom bury you

Your office is modern, secure, and efficient, but can you say the same for your mailroom? Enter to win a free year of Envoy Deliveries and a mailroom makeover.

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Enter to win

For a limited time, enter to win a free year of Envoy Deliveries, along with a makeover of your existing mailroom. To enter, please complete one of the following options by January 15th:

  1. Post a photo of your current mailroom with #MailroomMakeover on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn
  2. Submit a photo of your existing mailroom by using this entry form

Please note: certain limitations apply—see below for more details.

Here’s to less chaos and a mailroom that looks as good as your front desk! Eager to get started with Deliveries? Start a free trial today

Contest details

Promotional disclaimer

Please note: you may not be currently using the Envoy Deliveries product to be eligible for this promotion. By submitting your mailroom for entry, you’re confirming permission for Envoy and and our design partner to come on-site on a mutually agreed upon date by/before March 2020 to 1) complete the mailroom makeover, 2) capture still photography of your mailroom (both before and after the makeover has been completed), and 3) capture video content (including an interview with a member of your team), to be featured in Envoy marketing materials. Envoy will own and have any and all rights to use and exploit and such photos with no compensation due to you. This promotion is limited to 1 winner, is not transferable, and cannot be sold or otherwise bartered. All decisions will be final and made in the sole discretion of Envoy. For reference, submissions will be accepted between October 15 - January 15 and the winner will be notified on January 16. Only offices with locations in the contiguous United States will be considered for entry. Mailrooms submitted for entry cannot exceed 120 square feet to be eligible for entry.

Selection criteria

1) This promotion will accept submissions that include at least 1 photo of your company's current mailroom, as well as #mailroommakeover.

2) Please note: if entering via social media, submissions need to be featured on at least one of your/your company’s following social channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram

3) Envoy will use an internal committee of judges to evaluate and confirm the mailroom that could best benefit from a makeover. All decisions shall be final and made in the sole discretion of Envoy.