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Real stories highlighting the benefits of digital visitor registration

“Having a digital visitor registration system makes such a difference at our office. If you're looking to improve the guest experience (and make your office manager's job much easier!), then I recommend you check out this book."

—Dana Brown, Office Coordinator, Weebly

A sneak peek inside

Learn three simple strategies from companies that have turned their sign-in process into a welcoming, memorable experience that really wows.

Strategy 1

Avoid the unpredictable

front desk traffic jam

Bridging the gap between the tech industry and education, Galvanize has six campuses around the United States. These spaces are home to Galvanize’s community members: a mix of entrepreneurs, founders, students, teachers and industry partners. That means hundreds of people are visiting the campus each day—see how their front desk stays organized.

Strategy 2

Make all guests feel
like VIPs

POPSUGAR Inc. is a global media and technology company that is parent to lifestyle media publisher POPSUGAR and its subsidiaries. Read how they master the visitor experience, even with thousands of people moving through their offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City every day.

Strategy 3

Keep your office and
ideas safe

As a high security and hybrid hosting provider, LightEdge operates three state-of-the-art data center facilities. These secure locations provide power, bandwidth, environmental controls, security and around-
the-clock support to businesses of all sizes. Learn how this
high-tech company uses digital visitor registration to enhance physical security and ace compliance audits.

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