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Work together

Don't let hybrid work get in the way of working together in-person. Sync your workplace schedule with your co-workers so you can quickly coordinate when, where, and how to collaborate as a team.


Flex your space

Whether it’s a group on-site, remote meeting, or heads down time, find and book the space you need when you need it. With Envoy, you can assign desks, hot desk, go desk-free, or do all three.


Stay healthy

Have peace of mind that everyone who walks in your workplace is symptom-free and can keep a safe distance. Envoy prevents overcrowding and instills confidence in your team that they’re safe at work.


Anticipate and adapt

Envoy visualizes workplace foot traffic and space utilization, so you can spot trends, make data-informed business decisions, and keep up with the demands of your team.

All-in-one platform for hybrid workplaces

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96% say that Envoy saves their team time
93% say that their employees like using Envoy
90% agree that Envoy makes their office safer
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Heather Somaini
Our employees depend on the office to work together. Envoy gives us the flexibility to make the workplace work for them.
Heather Somaini Chief Administrative Officer