Centrally manage locations

Workplaces are as unique as the people in them, and at Envoy, we know that one size certainly doesn’t fit all. So no matter what your office looks like, Envoy is here to help you manage your visitors.

If you’re a small business, it’s easy to keep it simple. But for larger companies and enterprises, Envoy can support more complex account configurations with features like role-based administration and remote device management.

Benefits of a location-based system

Flexible location configurations

Most often, an Envoy location is defined as one physical office. If you have multiple offices across the country or world, you’d want an Envoy location for each one. But you’re not limited to physical buildings with Envoy: Separate locations are also ideal for buildings on a campus or entrances in a large building.

Centralized billing

Envoy subscriptions are paid per location, but all of your locations are linked to a single account to simplify the billing process. When you add a new location, it syncs up with your current billing cycle and all locations will renew together using the same method of payment.

Easy expansion

Getting started with Envoy at a new site is a breeze. We allow you to copy over your existing account configuration, including sign-in fields, NDA and other settings and enable them automatically for your new location.

“Envoy has been super easy to deploy and use in our enterprise. Our IT team has had no problems deploying it to our multiple offices, nor with administering it. Our receptionists love it as much as our guests.”

—Will Balson, Helpdesk Engineer, Box

Tools for multi-location management

Role-based administration

Role-based administration allows you to provide the right Envoy access to specified team members. Your onsite teams can access their specific location’s information, and you can grant global permissions to individuals who need to manage the full system.

Device management

Centralized device management helps you make sure Envoy systems are up and running—an especially handy feature if you have a remote IT team. Monitor your device status remotely, see which iPads and printers are connected, and even check to see if any iPads are offline or if they require iOS or Envoy app updates.

Directory management

Large teams with multiple locations often benefit from centralized directory management. If your company uses a directory services tool, it’s easy to automatically add your employees into Envoy.

Day to day management

Visitor dashboards

When a guest signs in, their visitor information appears on the web dashboard. With global permissions, you’ll see visitor data appear for any location—no matter how near or far you are from the iPad.

Invite dashboards

When invites are created, they’re easily accessible from the invites dashboard. Global permissions allow you to view invite details for all locations, helping you keep track of who’s authorized.

Data exports & compliance

Envoy can help you manage data, whether you need to compile complex reports for audits and compliance or if you just want to have a complete record of your visitors. With just one click, you can export visitor data for any location, for any day or date range.

Ready to try it out?

With Envoy, location management is a breeze. See how it can work for your company.

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