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Practical tools and tips to improve your global workplace experience

For enterprises with distributed workplaces around the world, the task of keeping all of your employees engaged and happy is a big one. Your workplaces are scattered across the country or even the globe. It’s a massive task to ensure every location creates a stimulating, motivating, and engaging experience for all your employees around the world.

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Workplace experience is a collection of different elements–space, technology, and people. Knowing how to improve each one is important for the success of your distributed work model. Do you focus on the design of your global offices, like open floor plans, social zones, or meeting rooms? Or do you invest in technology first, like visitor registration systems and hot desking solutions, to ensure each workplace runs smoothly? Follow this guide to get the practical tools and tips you need to create a great experience across your distributed workplaces.

Inside you’ll find


A downloadable tipsheet for improving your distributed workplace experience


Tools to help your distributed workplaces run smoothly and efficiently


Top tips to create a high quality workplace experience worldwide