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“Envoy has our marketing team’s seal of approval. Their system has streamlined a major part of our trade show experience, made lead capture more efficient and saved us nearly 70% over traditional lead scanners.”

—Scott McKeighen, Manager, Marketing Operations
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  • Chaotic, multi-step process for booking appointments
  • Hard to keep track of all of the bookings
  • High cost of traditional lead scanners
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  • Appointments funneled through one clear process
  • Easy to manage pre-booked appointments and walk-ins
  • 70% savings over traditional lead scanners

Streamlining RealSelf’s trade show process

There were 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures done in the U.S. in 2015, fueling an industry that’s worth $13.5 billion and growing. Demand for information about plastic surgery is just as high; it isn’t something people are typically open about, so many turn to more anonymous websites to discuss their choices.

Seattle-based RealSelf launched in 2006 as an online community for plastic surgery. One of the resources they offer is an “Ask the Doctor” feature that provides free access to thousands of board-certified doctors and specialists. It’s extremely popular amongst the community-driven site’s nine million unique monthly visitors — as well as the professionals who participate. “It gives them a lot of exposure,” said Scott McKeighen, Marketing Automation Manager.

Trade shows are an important way for RealSelf to reach those doctors. The company sets up a booth at six to eight events a year, inviting doctors to answer questions from the community in videos that are then circulated through the website.

“We record up to 250 videos per trade show,” McKeighen said. “Doctors can book sessions in advance or do walk-ins.” It’s an approach that’s very successful for generating content and leads. Before using Envoy, however, the process could often be quite chaotic.

Funnel the crowd through one clear process

In the hustle of a trade show, it can be tough to stick to a multi-step process, depending on who shows up at the booth. Video sessions added an extra dimension for booth staff to keep under control.

RealSelf manages two kinds of appointments: those with people who’ve claimed a slot in advance, and walk-in bookings. Keeping track of these sessions and the related manual work was inefficient at best. There was no clear way of organizing all the bookings, which meant booth staff had no idea how many people were showing up on which days.

When he saw how Envoy helped streamline visitor check-in in RealSelf’s lobby, McKeighen realized it’d be a perfect solution to manage their trade show woes. “Envoy allows us to have a seamless workflow, and it keeps everything digital, which is extremely useful,” he said.

Manage pre-booked appointments

RealSelf offers appointments ahead of events by emailing people they know will be there; doctors can then sign up using third-party scheduling software. Their information is then exported as a CSV file and imported to Envoy as pre-registered guests.

During the trade show, booth staff can see a real-time list of pre-booked appointments, reschedule if needed, and anticipate busy periods. When a doctor arrives for their session, booth staff simply type their name into Envoy on an iPad; because they’ve pre-registered, their information is automatically filled out. This lets participants quickly check in and move seamlessly into hair and makeup.

Easily process walk-ins

Walk-in visitors are also easy to process. Booth staff also add their information into Envoy on the iPad, which is sent directly to Envoy’s visitor database. Customized drop-down fields help staff sort visitors according to the purpose of their visit. And with Envoy’s customizable sign-in fields, RealSelf can collect other valuable information: geographic location, email sign-up, and general feedback.

Keep track of release forms

Release forms used to be a major bottleneck for the booth. Doctors are required to sign them before their videos can be used, but RealSelf relied on a stack of paper forms that were too easy to lose track of. They also had to make a physical duplicate of every form, so they could give the doctor a copy for their own records.

With Envoy, RealSelf includes the release as a required part of the check-in process. Not only does this guarantee that it will be signed, but Envoy also automatically emails a copy of the signed form directly to the doctor. After the event, RealSelf exports and uploads the forms into Salesforce for storage and future reference.Visitor waiting in MailChimp's lobby

70% savings for lead capture

Trade shows are also a critical point for capturing leads, and McKeighen says Envoy delivers great service at a fraction of the price of traditional lead scanners.

Envoy’s flexible monthly pricing means RealSelf’s marketing team only needs to pay for the month of each event itself, which McKeighen says is fantastic for cost savings.

“By using Envoy, we save nearly 70 percent over traditional lead scanners,” he said. “If you rent a lead scanner for a trade show, it’s $350 per scanner. If you multiply that by several scanners over several trade shows, it can cost thousands of dollars. ”

“Using lead scanners is also more time-consuming,” he added. “They’re more manual and require more staff time. With Envoy, everything is already captured in the cloud.”

With Envoy’s Slack integration, RealSelf can also amplify the power of the information they collect at a trade show. “Based on the lead’s purpose of a visit, we direct notifications to specific Slack channels,” McKeighen said.

“For example, when a doctor arrives for a video appointment, a notification is automatically sent to the #tradeshow channel in Slack; this alerts the marketing team and they can check his or her credentials. Or if someone checks in regarding a strategic partnership, the alert goes to our executive leadership, which keeps them in the loop in real time.”Mailchimp's frontdesk