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Reminders, Analytics

“I can’t say enough good things about Envoy Deliveries. Our package management process has been completely streamlined. Envoy Deliveries has allowed us to make our mail system scalable.”

—Lilianna Perez, Front Desk Coordinator
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  • Several hours/week required to manage incoming mail
  • Multi-step process for notifying and reminding employees
  • Hard to gain insight into package management process
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  • 15 minutes/week to manage incoming mail
  • Automatic notifications and reminders streamline process
  • Analytics help facilities team make data-driven decisions

Envoy Deliveries makes it easier for GitHub’s office to scale up

Used by more than 23 million people around the world, GitHub is the world’s largest community of developers, working to build powerful software and solve hard problems. It’s also a platform for code review, open-source development, and collaboration. GitHub is powered by a team of more than 650 employees worldwide, the majority of whom are based out of their San Francisco-based global HQ. That many people can attract a lot of incoming mail—as much as 130 packages every week.

Lilianna Perez, Front Desk Coordinator, is one of the people responsible for traffic control. Managing office deliveries and packages was taking her several hours every week, including: making a note of everyone who received mail, individually notifying each person via Slack (the popular messaging app), then following up when someone inevitably forgot to pick up their package, adding to buildup in the mail area.

With Envoy Deliveries, managing employee packages now takes less than 15 minutes each week. GitHub already uses Envoy Visitor Registration, and it took no time at all for Perez to sync the two apps. “I use the Envoy Deliveries app on my phone to take a photo of the label, which automatically captures the person’s name, locates them in our Envoy employee directory, and notifies them via Slack that they have a package waiting,” she said.

To Michael McGinley, who’s responsible for GitHub’s office operations, easier administration means it’s easier to accommodate company growth. “I love Envoy Deliveries. I can’t say enough good things about it,” he said. “Our package management process has been completely streamlined. We’re doing a buildout next door and are going to add another mailroom. Envoy Deliveries has allowed us to make our mail system scalable.”

Streamlined process allows facilities team to focus on more important things

As GitHub continues to grow, Perez says simplicity matters. “A system that’s as efficient as Envoy Deliveries is really helpful. It frees up time for me to focus on other things,” she said.

Distributing packages with Envoy Deliveries is straightforward. Perez is able to designate two separate delivery areas inside the app, so that employees know exactly where to pick up their mail. Once she’s processed the packages, Perez can also delay notifications by 15 minutes so she has more time to move the packages to the right delivery areas.

Once an employee receives a notification, they go to the delivery area indicated, look up their name on the attached iPad kiosk, find their package (which is easy to spot, since there’s a photo attached), and mark it as “picked up”. If they don’t pick their package up, Envoy Deliveries will automatically send reminders on a daily, every other day, or weekly basis. If they’re on vacation, employees also have the ability to “snooze” Envoy Deliveries notifications until they return.

“I no longer have to remind people, nor do I need to spend time following up,” Perez said. “People also pick up their packages more quickly than they used to, which means less buildup over time.”

Tagging and picking up packages with Envoy Deliveries

Built-in analytics help drive smarter decisions

McGinley is also big a fan of Envoy Deliveries’ built-in analytics, which lets them gain insight into their inventory and package processing trends.

“Our facilities team is working to become more data-driven, so the analytics is a huge benefit,” he explained. “For example, we can see how many packages were processed weekly and the amount of time saved. This will be useful to help us understand if we need to–for example–build out another mailroom in the future. Envoy Deliveries saves us money and makes us look good.”

Feedback around the office has also been positive. “Many employees say they’re really happy with it,” Perez said. “I also like that the process is automated so I’m not the person ‘bugging’ them to pick up their packages anymore.”

Perez is happy with the level of support they’ve received. “Envoy’s product and support teams have been really responsive about helping us out,” she said. “We already love Envoy Visitor Registration and Envoy Deliveries is a great product as well.”