You gave up the logbook — and saved 1,279 trees!

Since Envoy launched in 2013, we’ve been tallying every sign-in. As of this month, we’re thrilled to say that over ten million visitors have signed in using Envoy.

Each time a guest signs in on your iPad, you’re cutting costs on paper and storage. But it’s not just about making your office thrive — you’re helping the earth, too. Altogether, we’re proud to see that our customers have saved nearly 1,300 trees (1,279 trees, to be exact!).

We were so inspired that we also wanted to do our part — by donating 1,279 trees to One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that’s on a mission to reforest our planet. This means that not only have you saved 1,279 trees, you’ve also added 1,279 new ones into the world.

Now that’s something to celebrate. Thank you for helping your office — and the earth — flourish.

Celebrating with our top paper-savers

As a thank you, we dropped by the offices of some of our earliest customers (who have saved a lot of paper using our digital NDA feature). We came bearing gifts of mini bonsai trees and tree-themed cupcakes from Cups and Cakes, one of our favorite local bakeries.






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