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Why any business can benefit from a visitor management system

Don’t work in a traditional office? You and your guests can still benefit from a sleek visitor management system.

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When you picture the typical office, you probably think of rows of cubicles or an open floor plan chocked full of desks, located through a lobby. What you may not immediately picture are schools, sports stadiums, recording studios, nail salons, museums, churches, and warehouses.

Maybe you don’t work in a classic office, but that doesn’t mean you’re not busy. You might be just as busy as any business, with multiple visitors passing through your front door daily.

In fact, your front desk or lobby experience might feel very similar. Guests are often signed in using pen and paper, which is not the most efficient option out there. It’s not the most secure sign-in method, either. What you need is an effective way to keep tabs on everyone who comes in and out of your building, while also making a great first impression. 

The benefits of a visitor management system

If the thought of upgrading to a visitor management system has crossed your mind, you’re on the right track. There are many benefits to an iPad sign-in app:

  • Creates a great first impression
  • Makes your business look professional
  • Allows visitors to fill in their details quickly and easily
  • Automatically notifies employees their guests have arrived
  • Gives front desk staff an extra layer of security

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that many businesses have joined the sign-in app revolution. Here are just a few of them.

USC Credit Union

The University of Southern California Credit Union used to monitor guests who checked in using a printed-out spreadsheet. This meant that the staff was forced to run back and forth between the front desk and the account representatives to notify them they had visitors. It was time-consuming and highly inefficient.

With a visitor management system, reps can monitor members who are waiting to be served and make sure they’re seen promptly. This is especially helpful in the summer when as many as 100 students at a time are in the office seeking to sign up for new accounts.

World Rugby

Based in Dublin, Ireland, World Rugby is the sport’s governing body. A visitor management system is used to welcome and track guests at their main office. While the time-saving feature is certainly of great value, the organization is happy with the added layer of security. The system provides an up-to-the-minute and comprehensive list of every person in the building. 

What’s more, the staff has access to the iPad app when they’re traveling. This gives them the ability to manage visitor flow and respond immediately in case of an emergency when they are offsite. 

Whitby School

This Greenwich, Connecticut-based private school shows off its innovative, world-class learning environment through a sleek sign-in app. Guests swiftly register using an iPad, a photo is taken, and a personalized visitor badge is automatically printed. Check-in is simplified and both parties save valuable time.

The technology really comes in handy during open house events. In the past, prospective parents’ information was written down and had to be manually entered into the system, often leading to errors. Today, all the details are digitally captured, making it a breeze to send follow-up emails. 

apps: Sign of the times

Now you know that any business can benefit from a visitor management system. They deliver unlimited benefits, such as making a great first impression, saving time, and increasing security.

What you may not know is which sign-in app to go with. To help make an informed decision, sign up for a free trial of Envoy Visitors.

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