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Introducing Envoy Desks for flexible workplaces

Envoy Desks is a hot desking solution specifically designed to help companies adjust their workplace during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Which temperature screening method is right for your company?

The CDC has recommended that employers use temperature screening to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But what temperature screening method is right for your business?

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9 popular back to work questions answered

Nicole Persaud, Head of Safety and Security at Samsara, answers popular return to work questions and provides insights on how to reopen the office during a global pandemic.

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It is time to invest in employee and visitor care systems, not control

Why invest in employee and visitor systems that are built for “care?” Industry expert Lee Odess suggests that the underlying reasons include trust, happiness and return on investment.

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10 important tools to keep your workplace safe during COVID-19

With offices around the world gearing up to reopen amid a global pandemic, workplace leaders are searching for solutions to help keep their employees and their spaces safe. Here are 10 types of tools you need to keep your workplace safe during COVID-19.

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Practical Workplace Tech: How to communicate reopening plans to employees

Here’s how Envoy handled employee communications around returning to the office during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The right way to do contact tracing as an employer

You can take an active role to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among your employees by creating a contact tracing program within your offices. Here’s how to build a plan that keeps your employees healthy, protects their privacy, and saves your team time.

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Access control and visitor management – more than just security

Access control industry expert Lee Odess explains why access control and visitor management systems cannot remain isolated utilities. In the end, access control and visitor management systems will become features of a much broader digital building operating system.

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With COVID-19 surging, we’re opening the Envoy Protect beta to the world.

In May we launched Envoy Protect to a small group of customers in a closed beta. In just thirty days over 2,000 companies have signed up for the program – a response beyond our wildest expectations. Today, we’re excited to share updates on the product and how Envoy intends to support the return to the workplace.

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How to manage workplace capacity in 2020

To keep up with the new rules of welcoming employees to the office, you’ll have to manage how many employees enter your space each day. Wrestling with how to do that? We’ve got some advice for you!

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