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Envoy Protect powers one million safe returns to the workplace

Since May over 5,000 workplaces have used Envoy Protect to power one million safe returns to the workplace. Today we’re proud to announce that Protect is out of beta and full of new features!

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Practical workplace tech: How to reopen the office

Like every other workplace, we are trying to figure out when, and how, we can return to the office safely. Here’s our plan.

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How will we work from the new office?

So what is it that will make employees feel comfortable going back to the office? Well, I’m no mind reader, but I am an employee who is eager to get back to my workplace—and I wanted to share what’s on my mind.

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Okta, Buzzfeed, and Envoy Talk Return to the Workplace

Industry leaders at Okta, Buzzfeed, and Envoy talk about their plans to return to the workplace. See the highlights and watch the recording.

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The most health-conscious workplaces are doing this one thing

Envoy’s median time to sign in has historically been 36 seconds. After the Covid-19 outbreak in February of 2020, we noticed that sign in time increased dramatically. Envoy’s Data Science team wondered why.

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Introducing Envoy Protect: Reopen your workplace with confidence

We’re proud to announce the beta launch of Envoy Protect. Envoy Protect helps you keep your team safe, manage who comes on-site, and track capacity limits, so you can reopen with confidence.

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Envoy is committed to building for safe workplace re-openings

Building the safe workplace and helping with office re-openings is now Envoy’s #1 priority. Envoy will be here to help you navigate the return back and do it as safely as possible.

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7 tips to create a safe visitor experience—before they even walk through the door

Crafting a safe visitor experience starts before your guest arrives. Here are 7 tips to create a safe visitor experience, before they even walk through your door.

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The 10 industries that covid can’t stop (from welcoming visitors)

What industries are still allowing visitors? This blog post outlines the 10 industries that are – and are not – allowing visitors into their offices.

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Workplace heroes: 3 things your admins want you to know about their job

For National Administrative Appreciation Day, we wanted to learn more about our office heroes, including executive assistants, office managers, and workplace coordinators.

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Wakefield Ebook

How to make employees feel safe at work during COVID-19

Discover the findings of that survey that can help you design a workplace where people feel safe and thrive.

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