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Introducing Envoy Desks for flexible workplaces

Envoy Desks is a hot desking solution specifically designed to help companies adjust their workplace during COVID-19 and beyond.

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The latest Envoy Protect features you need to reopen safely

Envoy has released new data-rich reports and features that help workplace leaders make more confident decisions to welcome employees to your office safely.

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The tools you need for social distancing in the workplace

Social distancing is an essential part of returning to work safely in the COVID-19 age. But making sure people are actually following your guidelines is a different story. That’s where capacity management technology comes in.

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Protect your employees from COVID-19 with these 5 tips

Whether your workplace is open or you’re planning how to open your doors, take note of these industry leaders’ tips on protecting your employees from COVID-19.

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Why investing in a platform is better than a point solution

Finding and incorporating new technology into your workplace is no easy feat. There seems to be a glut of information, resources, and solutions, making the experience seem especially daunting. Not only do you need to find the solution, but you need to do so without having buyer’s remorse later. 

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4 ways to increase workplace safety with touchless access control

What is touchless access control? And how does it help you keep your workplace safe? Read on to learn 4 ways touchless access control systems increase workplace safety and security so visitors and employees have peace of mind coming to the office.

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Which temperature screening method is right for your company?

The CDC has recommended that employers use temperature screening to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But what temperature screening method is right for your business?

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9 popular back to work questions answered

Nicole Persaud, Head of Safety and Security at Samsara, answers popular return to work questions and provides insights on how to reopen the office during a global pandemic.

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It is time to invest in employee and visitor care systems, not control

Why invest in employee and visitor systems that are built for “care?” Industry expert Lee Odess suggests that the underlying reasons include trust, happiness and return on investment.

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10 important tools to keep your workplace safe during COVID-19

With offices around the world gearing up to reopen amid a global pandemic, workplace leaders are searching for solutions to help keep their employees and their spaces safe. Here are 10 types of tools you need to keep your workplace safe during COVID-19.

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Desks Open Beta

Create a flexible, safe workplace

Introducing Envoy Desks: Empower your employees to reserve a desk to collaborate with teammates while keeping a safe distance in the office.

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